Being parents is exhausted and crazy at the same time. It is also time limited to be exact. However, parents still need to warm up their relationship. Here are 5 of my favorite date ideas for busy parents. To understand our lifestyle a little more, learn more About Me here. Now let’s continue to read.  

My husband and I have been married for years. We have a 4-year-old girl who is overly active and playful. That means that we hardly make time for each other as life just drives us crazy everyday. However, to get over the boredom of a long relationship, we successfully apply all the weird but romantic activities into our busy life. Somehow they have been working well for us. Keep on reading, I’m quite sure that those things can rewind your romantic affairs too.

Switch the breakfast-making role

Okay, this is what me and my husband love to do. The rule is that my husband has to prepare breakfast on certain days of week. All the other days it is my duty. I usually tell him what I want to have for breakfast and his job is trying to cook the exact kind of meal. What makes this funny is sometimes my food demand is just far beyond his cooking ability but he must try for it. I never know if the meal comes up with a mess or a bless? Both are okay because what we love is the other’s effort. Sometimes, I let him surprise me.

Having late night stay-at-home movies

A late movie night requires a good movies, home-made popcorn, delicious coke and a loving partner. You can make your own tasteful popcorn by following some online recipes and enjoy your movie night after your baby has fallen asleep. Choosing what type of movies to watch is also important. We love romantic and psychological movies. You can find so many movies of this type on Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, etc.

Go on a day trip or have a picnic

Neither of them is a date night but we consider it a dating idea. A family day trip or picnic is much more enjoyable than you think. Why do I love these ideas? It’s because my daughter just has great affection for a road trip. And guess what? While we are blending in the nature and have some fun together as a complete family, I get to see my partner’s responsibility. It’s the sweetest feeling when your partner is on the same page with you when it comes to taking care of your family outside the house. I often want to show my hubby how much I appreciate him especially for taking us on amazing trips or perfecting our picnics.

Let your partner choose your #ootd

We often do this on weekends when our family has an outdoor playing day. We choose outfits for the other and take some photos during the day to memorize every sweet moment we spend together. My husband hates wearing pastel colored shirts but I take them as a top priority whenever it comes to weekends. He hates it but sometime he has to agree that they look good on him. That’s also when he makes me feel so proud (which he probably doesn’t even know).

Surprised gifts

I love preparing presents for my husband when there is no special occasion at all. Surprising is always fun, right? And in return, he loves to give me surprise “gifts” as well, which is a quick getaway or simply a cup of my favorite milk tea. And that all little things just melt my heart!

Trying to refresh your relationship is more crucial than you think it should be. Long-term husbands and wives seem to lose interest in each other. That’s why many families are sadly broken apart. Don’t let that sadness happen to your life. Try to do something new and enjoy family life together! I hope those 5 date ideas above are helpful for busy parents like ourselves.


Working from home has been my pleasure since I get to stay home with my daughter at the same time. Working from home gives you more flexible time. It won’t cost you a fortune for commuting fees. However, it’s challenging to stay productive and have good work execution when you’re surrounded with a relax-inducing place called “home”. Here are some trust-worthy tips to show you how to stay focused and productive even when working from home. 

Create a work corner

No one wants to work on their beds or sofas. That’s why you need to create your own working place. It should be bright and wide enough for your best mood whenever you have to spend hours focusing on your business projects. A home office needs to be airy and open instead of crowded with useless furniture. 

Working environment has great impacts on your motivation and attentive ability. A wisely designed home office can definitely upgrade your mood of working. You may need to invest in a really comfy chair for your space to avoid back hurt due to hours of on-the-job concentration. I personally have 2 work corners which are my office space with my computer, and my kitchen island with my laptop as it’s a bright comfy area.

Make working a daily habit

Working from home means there is no check-in and check-out time. You may need to schedule your own working plan on a daily basis. Set your alarm at the same time everyday and ensure you strictly follow your working routine. Remember, planning is the fastest way to get the job done on time. Planning ahead allows you to prioritize all the tasks and stay organized and use your time logically. You may need to build both a short-term and a long-term plan for your work in the most effective way. Think about it and adjust your plan niftily. Plus, do not work harder, try to work smarter and plan wiser.

Have your morning coffee

Serving myself a cup of coffee is what I do every morning to energize my frame of mind before starting to turn on my laptop. Coffee does an amazing job in waking up my brain, boosting my inner energy  and helps me to remain clear-headed all day long. My favorite coffee is the Nespresso Dark Roast.

Regularly tidy up your home

Handling your job in the middle of a messy area is the worst idea. Keeping your house clean and tidy everyday can surely lift up your working mood. In other words, the surrounding environment heavily influences your performance, that’s why you might need your home office to be as clean and clear as possible. 

You can also add pleasant smell into your place by using oil diffuser or fragrance candles to improve the comfy and stressed-free feeling during your work-time. 

Play concentration music

Yes, music is outstandingly amazing! There are so many concentration rhythm playlists on Youtube which can be played as a motivation for home-based workers. 

Prepare your instant stress-relievers

Stress comes unexpectedly and undeniably when working is overloaded, preparing yourself to deal with stress is important unless you want to lose commitment in your working process. Some stress-relievers which are instantly effective can be including chocolate, tea, a piece of relaxing music or some good moments with your loved ones. People have their own different ways to relax and soothe their anxiety as their brains work individually differently. So, find your own stress-relief method, apply it effectively to your situation, and back to work again. 

Those above are my tips on how to stay productive working from home. I also shared “How I stay sane being a full-time stay at home mom”, be sure to read it. The benefits of home-based working comes along with the disadvantages as well. It’s your job to stay balanced and gain effectiveness for your work execution. No matter where your job takes place, all occupations require efforts. Self-motivation and well-organized ability are the two key factors for successful home-based workers.

Getting Nutrients into Kids Diet and Tips for picky eaters

This blog post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms but all opinions are my own.

I have a picky eater in my family. I know many other parents out there do too. If you don’t, you’ve got lucky, because it’s stressful for parents. I feel like it was our fault that made my daughter a picky eater. So we are trying our best to fix this and we already learned some tips I could share with other new parents.

Before we get to the tips, I want to spread the love for Shamrock Farms. Their chocolate milk has been our favorite (yes I love it for myself too). We like the taste and the freshness of their it. 

Shamrock Farms milk is locally sourced from its own family farm. So their milk are getting from the farm to your family in as little as two days. Their chocolate milk, with the flavor kids love, is packed with the same nine essential nutrients as white milk including protein, vitamin D, calcium and potassium, which are key nutrients kids need to grow their strong, healthy bodies.

Anyway, since my daughter has been a picky eater and we have been trying many ways to fix it. Here we have some tips that have been working for us:

-Be a role model to your kid(s). As I mentioned above, I totally think my daughter’s eating habit has been created by us parents. We did not eat as healthy as we want my daughter to eat. We did not eat as much veggies as we should do. So lately, we have been adding more veggie to our own meals and let me tell you, IT WORKS!!! She started asking to eat the same thing we eat, more and more.

-Give your kid(s) different veggie choices. Instead of saying “please eat your carrot”, let’s ask them “which would you like? Carrot or broccoli?”. The trick is that you have to appeal that you strongly believe that those 2 choices are the only things you have, and are very NORMAL choices. Keep your excitement down a bit, kids can tell you’re trying to make them happy with the choices you offer. Unfortunately they tend to go the opposite way that they think we want them to go. Yeah it’s a mind game between parents and kids. You’ve got to win this!

-Find and offer your kid(s) different options with the flavor they like. For example, Shamrock Farms chocolate milk. It provides the same high-quality protein and key essential nutrients found in milk. Or you can easily search for kids friendly snacks on the market.

-Don’t stress, it takes time, especially for trying new foods. But keep offering them, don’t quit. Your kid(s) will eventually accept healthy options you offer.

Once again, shout out to Shamrock Farms for being a great choice to add nutrients into kids diet. Their chocolate milk is a nutrient-rich food, with 8 grams of protein per serving and a key source of 9 essential nutrients. If your little ones like chocolate flavor, definitely offer them Shamrock Farms chocolate milk to try.

If you have any other tips or must-try products for picky eating kids, let me know in a comment down below.



A must-have for the cold holiday season

This blog post is sponsored by HALLS but all opinions are my own.

It’s getting cold in Arizona

The holiday season is always my busiest time of the year (plus my daughter’s birthday and Traditional Vietnamese New Year). Even though it’s busy and can be a little overwhelming, it’s a joyful season after all, especially with the family holiday trips.

The cold weather gets me every time though. Getting a sore throat or coughing would make the season a little less joy-filled. I’m sure I’m not the only one who easily gets a cough or sore throat during cold months, so here I’m sharing my must-have get well traditions.

HALLS Cough Drops have been staple in our cabinets. They help relieve temporarily relieve irritating coughs and sore throats.

There are a variety of flavors to choose from including Cherry, Honey Lemon, and Metho-Lyptus. My husband likes the Metho-Lyptus flavor while the Cherry flavor is my most favorite.

A cough or sore throat can strike without warning, especially while running around (or traveling) this season. So I have a pack of HALLS Cough Drops in my bag as well.

Side story, I actually got a sore throat last month when the weather started to change. I had a horrible night’s sleep as I started to feel a sore throat coming on. The first thing I did after getting out of the bed was to take a HALLS cough drop. I could feel the temporary relief.

Be prepared for whatever life throws your way, especially during travel. No matter if you are traveling for business or leisure, you don’t want a cough and sore throat to interrupt your day. I highly recommend packing a bag of HALLS Cough Drops with you. They will provide relief and cooling if those symptoms happen.

HALLS brand has always been the brand I trust when it comes to cough/sore throat relief. Having HALLS on hand is very necessary. Let’s stock up your medicine cabinet with HALLS.

Besides, here are my favorite things to do to get well when I have a cold:

-Sipping a cup of hot tea

-Snuggling under a cozy blanket and watch movies

-Take a warm bath

-Shopping online for no reason (spending a little money magically helps haha)

-If you don’t feel too bad, get up, and get some cleaning chores done. The feeling when you overcome the tiredness and finally tackle your to-do list is the best!

Do you have a get well tradition(s) too? Share with me in the comment below.



Natural Tips to Improve Digestion You Need to Know

This blog post is sponsored by Boiron® and PTPA

This season is all about outdoor fun and BBQs with the family. It’s always fun. However, you can easily get indigestion after having a BBQ. So here are some tips to improve digestive health that I personally tried and found work very well. 

Before I jump into the tips, I would love for you to read my previous blog post sharing 10 ways to avoid and treat indigestion. Also, I want to let you know I am all about better ingredients when it comes to things my family and I consume. I hope these tips will be helpful for you all. Let’s move right into the first tips: 

  • Pay attention to side dishes. Adding lettuce and/or kimchi on the side will not only add a great taste to the BBQ, they also contain high fiber and, kimchi contains probiotics that help with digestion. 
  • Try to snack on fruits instead. They contain high fiber which is very important to improving your digestion health. The best fruits for avoiding indigestion would be apple, papaya, and banana. 
  • Drink LOTS of water, it’s not only good for your skin, it’s also good for digestion. Drinking a cup of water before meals is even better.
  • Adding chia seeds to your smoothie or yogurt. With a large amount of fiber, chia seeds have many health benefits. One of those benefits is improving gut health. 
  • When you have indigestion symptoms like nausea, heartburn, or stomach discomfort, try warm Ginger Tea. It helps improve digestion and prevent nausea. This is actually a tip from my mom from when I was a kid, it has always worked so well for me.
  • Taking homeopathic medicines like Boiron® Acidil® and Gasalia®  at the first signs of indigestion or first signs of gas. Boiron® is a brand I trust for homeopathic medicines. 

Unlike other medications, there are no restrictions on when to take Acidil or Gasalia. You can take them before or after a meal, on a full or empty stomach. They are unflavored, quick-dissolving; and they melt under the tongue for a convenient and discreet way to relieve indigestion anywhere, anytime.

  • Acidil targets the three main components of acid indigestion: heartburn, stomach pain, and bloating. * You can use Acidil for adults and children 12+ years.
  • Gasalia temporarily relieves bloating, pressure, discomfort and pain associated with gas. * It can be used for adults and children 6+ years. 

Having Boiron ® Acidil® and Gasalia®  ready at home gives me much more peace of mind, knowing I have a better way to treat ourselves in case we have indigestion symptoms. 

I hope all the tips above will be helpful for you all. Enjoy the rest of this fun summer with family times and BBQ. Plus, stay healthy!!

Thank you Boiron® and PTPA for sponsoring this blog post. All the tips and opinions are based own my own experience.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

7 Random Summer Must-Haves & Tips for Moms

This blog post is sponsored by Boiron® and PTPA

Summer means lots of fun time with family. As a new mom, I found myself buying things that I completely didn’t think about before having kids. So, I have this blog post to sum up what I think would be needed for moms with kids or family in general, especially during summer time. Let’s jump right in.

  1. An Igloo cooler for your car. We live in the desert, so we would like to have cold drinks while being on the go. Having a cooler in the back of the car saves us money, by bringing our own homemade tea or smoothie instead of stopping at Starbucks or any places to get expensive drinks ALL THE TIME. We also have one to use in our backyard when we have a BBQ. 
  2. A natural safe-for-kids-and-pets backyard spray. You can easily find some good options on Amazon. You don’t want the fun time to be annoyed by mosquitoes or bugs, since children are around. I have a whole blog post on how I keep my daughter safe from insect bites while being outside. An Igloo cooler for your car. We live in the desert, so we would like to have cold drinks while being on the go. Having a cooler in the back of the car saves us money, by bringing our own homemade tea or smoothie instead of stopping at Starbucks or any places to get expensive drinks ALL THE TIME. We also have one to use in our backyard when we have a BBQ. 
  3. A jumper for your kid at the pool. It looks like the picture below. It’s not very expensive. You can have more peace of mind letting your toddler wear it and play more freely at the pool.
  4. Fun outdoor/backyard toys for kids. Kids love playing in water. A water table or a sprinkler would be the best. Also, a bubble machine, or a sandbox would be amazing too.
  5. Drink dispenser. It will be so handy to have especially for family backyard dinner or BBQ. I would prefer a plastic one over a glass one, just to be safe while kids are around.

6. Fun and cute compostable dinnerware. I love collecting the cute items to make BBQ time more fun and appealing. I sometime use melamine dinnerware because they are durable and easy to clean. There are so many cute options for melamine dinnerware too.

7. This last must-have is so important. I would highly recommend having some Boiron® Acidil® and Gasalia® ready at home. With all the summer foods, especially after having a BBQ, you can easily get indigestion

Boiron® is my favorite homeopathic medicine brand. Acidil® and Gasalia® are made for you to treat yourself at home when having indigestion symptoms.* They are made with natural active ingredients that works with your body. Plus, there are no drug interactions when taking them.*

Gasalia®  is suggested for use for in adults and children 6 years of age and older. Acidil can be used for adult and children 12 years of age and older. You can take Gasalia® when having the first sign of gas, and take Acidil® at the first sign of indigestion.* I also shared 10 ways to avoid and treat indigestion in a different blog post. Make sure you didn’t miss it. 

Summer is the time to have fun, not to be worry. So, I hope you keep yourself and your family healthy and happy. Let me know your tips if you have one. It’d be so helpful. 

Thank you Boiron® and PTPA for sponsoring this blog post. All the tips and opinions are based own my own experience.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

Escape from toddler vs. Escape the room. Which is harder?

Ever since we have our daughter, my husband and I have never been away from her for a bit. Either one of us stays with her or both. So last night we decided to escape from her for a couple hours. Don’t get me wrong. We love being with her all the time. But sometime it’s nice to have a couple of hours of kid-free.

So we had my mom took care of our daughter, we ran out of the house, hopped on the car, and headed to Phoenix. So since this is our first kid-free time, we wanted to do something that is for adults only that we used to do before kids.

When we were living in Vietnam before having our daughter, we LOVED all the escape rooms there. Escape room is a team building game that you and a group of friends/family will be locked in a room with all the puzzles and locks. Your mission is to find clues and ways to unlock them and get yourself (and your team) out of the room. It is such a fun activity. Since we have Misa we had never been into one. Now we found one near us in Phoenix, AZ which is PanIQ Escape Room. We knew it is the perfect place for our short kid-free time.

So we call my brother and his friend, and headed to Phoenix, with our tickets booked. We stopped by a boba tea shop to get some drinks. Our little fun time can never be without boba milk tea.

After getting drinks we continued driving to PanIQ.

We arrived PanIQ Escape Room and have our team ready for the game. Our room was the Kidnapped room. The other two are Aliens and Wild West. The room we chose was the hardest one in all 3. So we were super excited.

We had 60 minutes to escape the room. They divided our team into 2, each team went to one door. My husband and I were locked in a cage, waiting for my brother and his friend to come rescue us. We also had to find the keys to unlock ourselves.

It does sounds easy, but it is not easy at all. It is very challenging to find every single clue. Since we had experience playing the game back in Vietnam, we were not so terrified. Or I can say we were a little confident. However, we spent 25 minutes to finish 1/3 of the room, and then time’s up when we were almost out of the room. The staff said we only need about 10 more minutes to make it out of the room.

It was such a great time playing. We had so much fun and lots of laugh. Every time we unlocked a puzzle or lock, it’s the best feeling. It’s actually the first time my brother and his friend playing Escape room, and they are now making a team to come back. My husband and I love this game. We will come back too whenever we have someone taking care of our daughter. It is so good to have our brains working their best for such a fun, satisfying, challenging hour.

PanIQ staffs were so friendly and informative. The room was so challenging which we love. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try. PanIQ Escape Room is not only in Phoenix, AZ. There are some other locations around the country like in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Miami. Kids at age 10 or over are welcome, so you could bring your kids for a family fun if they are old enough. Our tickets for 4 were $80 before tax. So it’s not expensive at all. Click here to choose your nearest location and book your tickets.

After the game, my husband and I had to ran home because of grandma could not handle our daughter anymore. She was crying for hours and throwing lots of tantrums (toddler it is). So our little date night ended right there. To compare, I would say Escape Room game is much more easier than escaping from your toddler(s). I can’t wait to be back to PanIQ Escape Room whenever we find time.

Thank you PanIQ Escape Room for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. We truly love the game and we will come back for sure.

How to Get Started in a Career in Marketing

Marketing has been a popular career field to get into for decades, and it only seems to grow. You could find a wide variety of jobs within marketing that might match everything you want in a job. But, with so many people trying to get into the industry, it can be hard to land your perfect job. Like anytime you’re trying to find a new job, you’ll have to put in some effort if you want to get the best one.

If you’re looking to get a job in marketing, here are a few things that could help you.

Choose your field

There are a number of different marketing jobs, all with something to offer, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for everyone. Someone who will excel as a market research analyst might not have any interest in content marketing. To get the right job, you have to understand where your strengths are. You might even find that there are a few jobs that you’re qualified for that you never even considered. Finding something you’re good at isn’t always enough, you should also take into consideration which jobs will also make you happy for more than a few months.

Research job requirements

Even if you know you’re good at a certain job, that position at one company might be different than at another. You might have seen a job title at one place that has a completely different set of skills somewhere else. Different companies could also have different qualifications for experience. Taking the extra time to look at each job’s requirements will ensure that you’re applying for the right position and can even help save you some time.

Attend networking events

In any field, networking is an important step to make connections and help get yourself ahead. Networking can help you get guidance from experienced marketers and opens you up to any potential jobs. Even if it doesn’t lead directly to a job offer, making new connections can only help you. If attending events in person isn’t accessible, you could also always join online groups and forums to meet new people and get advice.

Take courses

Taking online courses in marketing can be helpful for people who don’t already have marketing experience. You might already have some transferable skills from other jobs or a past education not directly related to marketing, but taking a course or two will only make you look better. Some who might already have marketing experience, but are looking to take on a totally different role can also benefit from taking courses.

Start freelancing

If you’re struggling to find a full-time job, or maybe you just want to pick up some work on the side, freelancing is a perfect choice for you. Freelancing is available for many different marketing jobs, and you can take on as much or as little as you’re able to get. Getting some extra experience can show potential employers how skilled you are. You might even find that you prefer the freelance life over a typical desk job.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Party

Image Credit: Pexels

While attending parties is always a blast, throwing a party can be extremely stressful. After all, you want to make sure everyone is having a great time, and that’s a huge responsibility! If you’re throwing a big shindig and want your guests to have the time of their lives, think outside the box to make it the event of the year. Here are some of our favorite ideas for parties we’d R.S.V.P. for in a heartbeat.

Stick to a theme

Some of the most fun parties are those during the Halloween season. Playing dress-up for a night gives you the chance to play a role and be someone else for the evening. Keep that same feeling all year ‘round with throwing a costume party during any season. A masquerade, 80’s prom, Hawaiian luau, roarin’ 20’s, any reason to dress up (and buy a new outfit!) adds a little something extra to the event. Keep the theme going with the food you serve and in the decor to create the right atmosphere. You can even curate a special playlist for the party to really set the mood.

Hire live entertainment

One way to get a party rolling is to hire a band or DJ for your event. Music is an important piece of any real party, but often, that’s the only type of live entertainment we think of for a party. There are so many other options for talented performers that can make a party unforgettable. For a children’s party, we often think of hiring a clown or a magician, but the same idea works for adult events as well. Circus performers, comedians, or impersonators for hire can give your party a fun vibe and entertain guests during times when there might be a lull in conversation.

Play some games

When you think of party games, you might think of two particular types – one, a slow-moving night of Monopoly with a small group of friends, or two, a rowdy game of beer pong and chugging frat-boy-style. There are so many other options for group activities that you may not have considered that will put the family board game night to shame. There is a board game trend resurfacing in popular culture right now that has resulted in a lot of great games for small and big parties alike. The raunchy Cards Against Humanity is a crowd pleaser that everyone is familiar with. If you like something spooky, give Betrayal at House on the Hill a try, or keep it traditional and host a poker night. Games are a great ice breaker, especially if you’re worried about guests who aren’t acquainted mingling with each other.

Get outside

If you’re throwing a party in one of the warmer months and you have a yard, deck, or outdoor venue available, consider bringing the party outside. If you’re worried about rain, a combination indoor-outdoor party works best. Having some room outside to move around allows guests to move outside for more personal conversations or to get some fresh air. Get creative outside and include picnic blankets, string lights, or a bonfire to create a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing night. You can even create s’mores bags for guests to enjoy around the campfire or set out cushions and blankets for late-night stargazing. Splurge on a projector and create a drive-in-style party in your yard with a movie projected on the side of the house or a large tarp, and let guests enjoy a movie night under the stars.

Spruce up the menu

It’s always great to have some easy items on hand at a party, like pigs in a blanket or chicken wing dip. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a few menu items, though. If you’re throwing a theme party, keep with the aesthetic and create some unforgettable dishes for your guests. You can even incorporate the menu into the theme and host an event like a sushi-making night. Pinterest is a great place for unique food recipes for parties. A popular party staple right now is a donut wall, dessert bar, or a brunch station for midday parties.

4 Websites I use to earn Free Products before starting to blog.

Below I will share all the sites I know and tips for getting free products even if you don’t have a big followers on social medias.

Before I start, I have to mention that this is how I become an influencer. Yes that’s true. Everyone and everything starts by a small step. I have a big passion for free products (who doesn’t love getting things for free?) as I was always curious how the Youtube beauty bloggers got those PR packages. So I went online and googled things like “how to get free stuffs”.

After doing lots of researches, trying lots of sites and tips. I can say everyone can receive free products, not only bloggers/influencers. Yes EVERYONE. I’m so happy to finally share my experience for those who don’t know where to start, or those who are not interested in becoming influencers but love trying things for free. And by saying “free”, it means you DON’T have to pay even a penny.

Okay let’s jump right in.

1. Influenster

Kết quả hình ảnh cho influenster

If you have never heard about Influenster or don’t know if you should sign up. YES YES YES. Go sign up now. Trust me, you will thank me later. It is the place that you could score free products from well known brands (or even high end brands) in many categories like beauty products, foods, home products, pets products, etc.

So basically, this is how Influenster works after you sign up:
-Complete you profile and get some badges.
-Once in a while you will receive a pre-survey saying you’re in a short list of Influenster’s next VoxBox campaign. Fill it out ASAP.
-If you got chosen, they will announce soon after that. A VoxBox full fill with full-size & sample size products (depends on the campaign) will be sent to you, for FREE, with specific badges for you to finish.
-Finish as many badges as possible for higher chance to earn more VoxBox.
Just so easy, and it’s free to join. So why not? Sign up for Influenster here.

2. PINCHme

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PINCHme

This is the site that sends out sample size products more, sometime full-size but not often. The way PINCHme works is that you sign up for free, complete your account and wait for the new samples date, then you go pick the samples you want them to send. After receiving the products, try them and then do their surveys, which are very easy and quick.
It’s just that simple and again, FREE. Sign up here.

3. Crowdtap

It was the site that I LOVED the most. I still love it but as I grow I get much more busier to spend time on Crowdtap. That’s the only reason I stopped. So, with a free-to-join account, you can go do surveys, polls, and other tasks, to earn gift cards (yup really!!! like Amazon GCs), and to get free samples.

I truly love how easy the tasks I had were and I wish I could have more time for Crowdtap. But as a beginner, or as I said even if you don’t have a followers, you can still earn some money to spend on Amazon, plus some samples. Go sign up for Crowdtap here.

Btw, the samples I got from them were from very well known brands like Almay, Neutrogena, Marc Jacobs, Mrs Meyer’s.

4. SampleSource

Kết quả hình ảnh cho samplesource

I did got some but not much from this site months ago. Hopefully they have more and better samples now tho. So basically you sign up and just wait, they will send alert about new samples via email whenever they have new offers. It will be a little long while just so you can expect it that way.

I got some really cool and practical products but not from brands I know. But it’s still good to sign up for a SampleSource account, since it’s FREE.

Other ways to get free stuffs:

Yes besides those sites above, I was also finding a blogger specific in hunting free products and money saving, those I fell like I would trust, to follow. They always come up with new tips.

Entering giveaways on Instagram is also a great way to have a chance to win big prize.

If you have a little or lots of experience on getting free products, leave a comment below to add.

A day is much better when receiving freebies in the mail.