Gifts that Kitchen lovers will actually need

Buying gifts for your mom, sister, or best friend who enjoys cooking? I’ve got some ideas. As someone who loves to cook, I came up with a list of gifts that kitchen lovers will actually need. So, check this out.

Gifts for Kitchen lovers

Whether it’s your mom, grandma, sister, or best friend, if they enjoy cooking in their kitchen, these gifts will be used a lot.

  • AEROGARDEN BOUNTY ELITE – a smart, attractive, and powerful indoor garden. The coolest gift for close-friend or sister.
  • FONDUE SET – an affordable and thoughtful gift for family.
  • MATCHING APRONS – Very affordable and cute. Best for friends with kids.
  • TARGET GIFT CARD – easy gift that is very much appreciated. Who doesn’t love a Target run?
  • INSTANT OMNI PRO TOASTER OVEN AND AIR FRYER OVEN – this is a smart and functional oven that bring their cooking skill to the next level
  • INSTANT POT DUO PLUS – a multi-use cooker is a handy gadget to have these days. It saves you lots of time cooking. I know whoever receives this gift will love it.
  • TUXTON HOME THE PARTY POT – the name of this pot says it all. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to host dinners.
  • GOLDEN SILVERWARE – everyone loves adding a fancy touch to the table. This gift will be so loved. Easily find them at any retailers.
  • GOOGLE HUB MAX – they can use it for recipes and a lot more. Also, it can be a digital frame.

Don’t forget stocking stuffers.

There are so many small items that can be stocking stuffers for kitchen lovers. Anything gadgets that are nice to have but not everyone has them all will do. Here is a list of items you can easily get at any retailers nearby:

  • A Target gift card can be a stocking stuffer too
  • Cookie Cutter Set in Holiday shapes
  • Reusable straws
  • A cute holiday mug
  • A small tumbler
  • Silicone Baking Mat
  • Cute holiday Silicone Spatulas
  • A Coasters set

Above are the gifts I know kitchen lovers will actually need. I hope it is helpful. You can also check out my last year’s gift guide because all the ideas are still very up-to-date. Happy shopping and happy holiday.



5 Simple New Year New Me ideas

This blog post is sponsored by Wantable

Looks like 2020 was not a wonderful year for everyone. Finally, 2020 is over. Now it’s time to come up with some new year’s resolutions for 2021. For the promising new year to come, I’m all about refreshing and trying new things. In this post, I’m sharing a list of 5 new-year-new-me ideas that you may need to borrow. Let’s check it out. 

Make self-care a priority

It’s been a year of hard work. You absolutely need to take care of yourself and pay more attention to listen to your soul. Make time for a good spa day, or gift yourself a do-nothing day to refresh your well-being as well as your inner feelings. Another idea of self-care is to get yourself a Wantable box each month. You can also do one box every 2 or 3 months. The box will be filled with 7 items based on your style.

Set new goals for 2021

As the crazily negative effect of covid-19, I am sure 2020 has postponed many of your plans. Yes, let’s write down everything you’ve missed this year. Then, create a new set of goals which will need to be done in 2021. 

Add new items to your wardrobe

Fashion changes all the time and the joy of dressing is somehow an art. Buying new clothes for the New Year is also one of the simple ideas for you to create a “new me”. If you have no idea about what to buy or how to alter your style, let Wantable help you. What is Wantable? It’s a new way to shop for clothes. Which they offer you clothes picked by their professional stylists but totally based on your style and your favorite. You may need to check out for more info here. 

Add flowers to your home

A new year is coming as fresh as it can be so why don’t you decorate your house with lots of fresh flowers to welcome the Spring of 2021. Yes, lots of, I mean fill your house with a lot of flowers. Buying new kinds of flowers you have never bought before is even better. I love to add bouquets of roses, daisies, pink tulips to every corner of the living room so as to feel like Spring every time coming home. 

Switch your perfumes

Hmmm, I love to use different kinds of perfumes in different seasons and of course new year is not the exception. I want to smell nice and fresh and mysterious for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. And of course, I’ve chosen a new brand of perfume and I’m quite satisfied. As fragrance is the invisible bodysuit of a woman, I sincerely recommend that everyone should have their own interesting “bodysuit” that suits them well in all occasions

Yeah that’s it. Those above are 5 simple ideas that you can do in New Year to feel like a “new me”. New Year is not something that is so special but it’s a time everyone celebrates. So, be prepared and be unique to make your coming year incredibly promising. 

Special thanks to Wantable for partnering with me in this blog post. I have been loving the items in my Wantable boxes. The stylist did a very good job in picking outfits that fit my style very well. See the styles I received here, and here. I hope you all keep Wantable in mind when thinking of getting new clothes. I am sure you will have a great experience.

Lunar New Year Charcuterie Board – Easy Cottage Cheese Dip recipe

This blog post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms

New Year’s Eve went by quickly. And that’s a wrap of the holiday season for a lot of people. However, there is one more big holiday for Asian which is the Lunar New Year. As an Asian American, I always want to introduce the culture to the world, as well as incorporate American lifestyle into our family traditional culture. Today, I’m going to share a charcuterie board that would be perfect for Lunar New Year. Whether you’re hosting a dinner with some Asian friends, or you’re an Asian family celebrating Lunar New Year with American friends, this post is for you. Also, scroll down for the Creamy Garlic Cottage Cheese Dip recipe.

First, the dairy snacks!

Whenever I think about charcuterie boards, cheese is on top of the list. To be honest, our family didn’t grow up eating cheese in our daily meals. Now that we are introduced to lots of different types of cheese, we are excited to try them all. I personally choose the basic ones since we’re still new to having cheese as a snack. But this is totally optional based on your preferences. I also love having cheeses on our charcuterie board in case the guests have never tried any of the below Asian snacks before.

Now add the Asian snacks

If you have been to any Asian New Year party, you might have seen a party tray that is full of all the dried snacks. It’s a must actually. Therefore, I fill half of this charcuterie board with dried snacks. There are plenty of options from fruits to meat. Like I mentioned, if you are hosting friends who have never tried Asian snacks before, I would choose the snacks that are tasty and easy to eat. My favorites are:

  • Dried shredded chicken with lime leaves that had a balancing taste between salty, sweet, and spicy. My daughter can eat them so it’s not very spicy.
  • Asian spicy beef jerky. This type of beef jerky tastes totally different than the ones in national markets. It’s bold, sweet, and really spicy. You can taste the spices and herbs that were used in making them. The best thing is, it smells just as good as it tastes.
  • Crunchy Peanut candy – a candy bar that is pre-divided into small bars for easy sharing. It’s sweet but not overly sweet. The perfect combination of brown sugar and crunchy peanuts.
  • Dried seeds like watermelon seeds – roasted red & tiny seeds that are the most traditional item to have in the Lunar New Year tray; sunflower seeds; and pumpkin seeds.
  • Dried fruits and veggies. Such as dried sweet potato strips, dried mango rolls, dried young coconut strips (it is hard to find a good one in the US), dried sugar coated ginger strips, dried sugar coated lotus seeds, raisins, and dried cranberries.
  • Drinks!!! Since it’s a mixed style, you can prepare some red wine. However, serving the bird’s nest drink means you care for the guest’s health. You can easily search for its benefits.

Don’t forget the dips

While my charcuterie board is half full of Asian snacks which require no dips, the other half does. I center this charcuterie board with a homemade dip that would go well with the dairy snacks. I call it Creamy Garlic Cottage Cheese Dip. It’s smooth, creamy, balancing, and just super easy to make. Here is the recipe:

  • 250 gr Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese
  • 50ml Shamrock Farms Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 50ml Shamrock Farms Whole Milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt + black ground pepper
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Blend all ingredients above in a blender until thick and smooth.

I choose Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese because of its soft and mild flavor, farm-fresh superior taste, and delicate texture. I have been choosing Shamrock Farms since all their products start with pure, fresh milk from their family of local farms. My family can notice the farm-fresh flavor and richness. Plus, they are a local Arizona company. As an Arizonan, I’m so proud to support them. You can find more information on where to buy Shamrock Farms’ Cottage Cheese, and get a coupon to save $1 on any two Shamrock products by visiting or click here.

I hope you enjoy the dip recipe above, as well as the ideas for a Lunar New Year Charcuterie Board. If there are Asian dried snacks that you absolutely love, share with me in the comment section below. A big thanks to Shamrock Farms for partnering with me in this blog post sharing a part of Asian culture. I also shared an Easy Eggnog Cream Puff recipe on my blog, check it out.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Have you finished buying holiday gifts? If not, there’s still time. The past couple of weeks, I have been posting gift guides for different groups of receivers. Today, I round up all the ideas in this post. You will find all the gift ideas you are looking for in this Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020.

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The cozy gifts for women

There are a ton of gift ideas for women but it’s never easy to choose the perfect gift out of all ideas. Whether you are buying a gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom, besties, or sisters, the list of Cozy gifts for women below is for you and I am sure they will be the best gifts for her in the 2020 holiday season.

The luxury gifts for your parents

Ever since I became a mom myself, I feel grateful for my parents a lot more. Our parents deserve the best. Below are 10 luxury gifts you can give your parents this holiday season.

The perfect gifts for any parents

Whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas for your relatives or for your friends who are parents themselves, this gift guide is for you. Below are perfect gifts for parents you can keep in mind for the 2020 holiday season.

The thoughtful gifts for travelers

The next group, is the travelers. Whether the travelers you are buying gift for love traveling by car or flights, I am sure the ideas below would be thoughtful gifts for them. Click here to learn more about 8 Thoughtful Gifts for Travelers in 2020.

The best gifts for toddlers

Last but not least, gifts for toddlers. Buying gift for this age stage is so fun. If you are looking to buy gifts for your friend’s children, your niece, or your own toddlers, let’s take a look. I hope you will love this list of 8 best holiday gifts for toddlers in 2020.

That’s a sum! I hope you enjoy this Ultimate gift guide I create for the 2020 holiday season. You can click each image above to go directly to my detailed post. More than never, a gift during holiday season can warm up your loved ones. So, I hope you find what you think they will enjoy. Happy shopping and happy holidays.

8 Best gifts for Toddlers in 2020

Holiday season through children’s eyes are always magical. Let’s make it even more magical and special by surprising them with the cutest gifts. This is the gift guide I enjoyed making the most since everything is just super cute. If you are looking to buy gifts for your friend’s children, your niece, or your own toddlers, let’s take a look. I hope you will love this list of 8 best holiday gifts for toddlers in 2020.

Micro Kickboard – Mini Deluxe scooter

This scooter will be perfect for toddlers from age 2 since it has an adjustable handlebar (49-68cm) which makes it perfect for growing adventurers. What makes The Mini Micro Deluxe unique is the adjustable T-bar and lean-to-steer design. Because children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, I think it’d be the best gift for an active toddler.

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

If you are buying gift for a 4 years old, this watch is perfect. The Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 has a kid-friendly design, secure, splash proof wristband is perfectly sized for kids’ wrists. It allows kids to take quality videos, pictures and selfies, customize them with funny filters and make them into watch faces. More than that, kids can have  an AR experience where they capture monsters in the real world with the Monster Detector game. Besides pink, it also comes in blue, and purple. Overall, this watch would be the best gift for a 4 years old.

Marbotic – Deluxe Learning Kit for iPad

When buying gifts for kids at age 3-5, keep this kit in mind. Especially if they have an iPad, the Marbotic – Deluxe Learning Kit will make them very excited. It provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience for preschoolers by keeping kids active as they can interact with our digital games using our wooden block toys. That’s why it is one of my top picks.

Chuckle & Roar Flashlight Seek & Find

This book is for age 3+. The Flashlight Seek & Find book from Chuckle & Roar allows kids to use a flashlight to explore and search for hidden objects within five unique scenes. With over 100 objects to find, this book is a fun activity for kids. My daughter also has one and loves hers. Plus, it’s about $10, great for stocking stuffer.

Handcrafted Plush Bunny

This Plush Bunny is a handcrafted gift from the World Vision Gift Catalog. A stuffed animal is always a great gift idea for toddlers at all age. But what makes this cute little bunny special is that it’s a gift of give-back. Your purchase from this organization go to the World Vision Fund that equips people to rebuild in the wake of disasters and helps empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Therefore, I include it here so you can get one and double the joy.

Lovevery Gift Card

Lovevery is always my favorite montessori toy brand. I love getting toys from this brand for my daughter. They are always made with care and are very unique. They also offer The Play Kits, which is a montessori-based toy subscription. Give parents a gift card from Lovevery so they can order toys that are based on their children’s age. I am sure they will love this gift as much as I do.

GUND Animated Flappy The Elephant

I am sure this cute stuffed elephant would make the best gift for toddlers because my daughter owns one. She has been loving it since we got it for her at 8 months old til now (she is 4 yrs old now). The Flappy The Elephant sings and plays peek-a-boo that makes your toddlers to interact with. So, you can already see why this cute animated stuffed animal is a perfect gift for toddlers at all age.

A DockATot!

Last but not least, a DockATot. So, what is DockATot? It is not only a baby nest, it also is a combination of superb design, functionality, innovation, exceptional quality. Same to the elephant toy above, my daughter has been using it since 8 months old and she LOVES it so much. We swear by it, as well as many other moms out there. Thus, this would make a luxury gift for a toddler, which his/her mom will appreciate too.

So, what do you think? The above are 8 my top picks that I think would make best gifts for toddlers in 2020. I hope you enjoyed looking at this gift guide. Again, holiday season especially Christmas is very magical in children’s eyes. I hope you found what you can buy to surprise them. I also have more gift guides for everyone else in the family, click here to read them.

8 Thoughtful Gifts for Travelers 2020

This year makes traveling unpredictable. However, people are still finding the safest ways to travel. Whether the person you are buying gift for loves traveling by car or flights, I am sure these ideas below would be practical for them. Before looking at this list, check out my other gift guides here. Now let’s jump into the 8 thoughtful gifts for travelers in 2020.

Vera Bradley Journey Backpack

Each of this backpack made of recycled plastic water bottles. It’s the Journey Backpack from the brand Vera Bradley. It’s durable, lightweight and water-repellent. Besides practical pockets, it also has a laptop compartment and trolley sleeve. Therefore, I think it’d be a great gift idea for travelers in any gender.

A mobile wifi hotspot device

As a family who loves to travel, we find ourselves struggle with internet connection many times. That is when a mobile wifi hotspot device like the GlocalMe G4 Pro becomes a great gift. It provides stable and secure network, without hidden charge. It is sim card free, and just pay as you go. Moreover, they cover more than 140 countries and regions.

Cobra SC 200D Dash Cam
For those who love to road trip, the Cobra SC 200D Dash Cam would be a very thoughtful gift. It records in ultra-clear 1600P resolution and captures all of the details. A rear-facing accessory camera is also included. The best part is that it’s voice-control, and that means hands-free for safer drive. This dash cam has a bright 3″ screen so you can see exactly what’s being recorded. Plus, it comes with a 16 GB SD card.
Trtl Protect Face Mask

This face mask is very unique. It has 3 transition modes: Mask Mode, Shield Mode, and Scarf Mode. The Trtl Protect Face Mask comes in 2 sizes with adjustable fit. It is sustainable, machine washable, and reusable. Plus, it’s multistage filtering so you can have peace of mind wearing it.

Cobra JumPack XL H2O CPP 15000
Know someone who loves road tripping? Then this gift would be perfect for them. This device is called Cobra JumPack XL H2O CPP 15000. It is small, powerful, and convenient. It can jumpstart just about any vehicle while also charging phone multiple times on a single charge. This device allows users to jumpstart their vehicles the traditional way or through the 12V port (CLP) inside the vehicle. More than that, it has a built-in flashlight with SOS and strobe functions for emergency situations.
EcoFlow RAPID Power Bank

Compared with power banks at the same capacity, RIVER Rapid is the smallest, lightest weight power bank. Not only that, it also supports quick charging. I am surprised by what it can power. So, I am sure it’d be a very practical gift for a traveler. Click here to learn more about the RAPID Power Bank.

Trtl Travel Pillow

I swear you have never seen a travel pillow looks like this. The Trtl Travel pillow combines super soft, hypoallergenic fleece with hidden internal neck support to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping. Unlike U-shaped travel pillows, this pillow is compact & lightweight that fits in hand luggage. Therefore, I truly think it’d be the best gift for whoever travels by flights.

The Makeup Eraser

A Makeup Eraser would be a great little gift for women who travel around. All it takes to remove makeup is clean water, and a little hand soap or shower gel to wash it. It can be reused for a thousand times. By how effective and convenient it is, this would be a great gift for a woman to bring when she travels.

All right, that’s all you guys! The above are 8 thoughtful ideas that can make great gifts for travelers. Did you find one that you’d be likely to buy? If so, I would love to know which one. I hope that this gift guide is helpful for you this holiday season, and that the person you’re giving gifts will love them. Lastly, happy shopping and enjoy holidays.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Parents 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the perfect time to show the important people in your life how much you care for them. Whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas for your relatives or for your friends who are parents themselves, this gift guide is for you. Below are perfect gifts for parents you can keep in mind for the 2020 holiday season.

9 Perfect Gifts for Parents 2020

Gifts for new parents

A new couple who just started their parenthood journey probably are very busy learning new things. Here are a few ideas of gifts that can save them time.

A meal subscription service

This idea is actually genius since prepping for meals can be time consuming. These meal subscriptions do the shopping, meal planning and prepping pre-measured ingredients for you every week. Green Chef is my favorite.

A diaper bag

A diaper bag is never a bad idea especially when gifting a new mom. There are a lot of cute diaper bags but this one from Freshly Picked is currently on a lot of mom’s wish lists.

For parents who love to cook

If those you’re buying gifts for love to cook, check out these ideas below. Parents who love to cook probably have a wish list of kitchen appliances with new technology. This is when the gifts below became very practical and useful.

Instant Pot® Duo Crisp™ + Air Fryer 8-quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

This is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, sous vide, air fryer, roaster, mini oven, broiler, and dehydrator all in one. That makes it the perfect gift for those who love to cook.

Instant™ Ace™ Nova Blender

This Instant™ Ace™ Nova blender would be the gift that parents want to have. It is very versatile, quick, and convenient with 9 smart one-touch programs and 10 manual speed settings.

The gifts of relax

Being a parent means hard work, and that’s why the gifts below will never be a bad option. I’m sure these gifts will add a big smile on their face this holiday season.

Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

This massage gun has over 7k reviews on Amazon with 4.7 stars. It has 6 massage heads and is rechargeable. This is the gift both mom and dad can use and love.

Spa Week Gift card

Gift card is also the idea that you can never go wrong. Get a $50 Spa Week gift card (that comes along with a $25 Bonus Card) at Walmart. This will be the gift a mom would love to receive.

Instant™ Pod™ Coffee Maker

You can make fresh brewed coffee or espresso drinks using this amazing machine. The Instant™ Pod™ Coffee Maker will be the best gift for coffee lovers.

Unique gifts for parents who have everything

This is the hardest people to buy gifts for, but just with a little creativity, you can easily find special gifts for them. Let’s take a look at these unique gift ideas below.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

This is a smart, attractive, and powerful indoor garden that is compact and convenient. It’ll be the perfect gift for those who love to try cool gadgets out. You can grow both veggies and herbs with this smart indoor garden.

Google Hub Max

Lastly, this smart gadget from Google Nest will be great for those who don’t own one yet. Gifting someone the Google Hub Max means helping them to make their home smart.

The above are my top picks on perfect gifts for parents in 2020. I hope this gift guide is helpful and hope that you find the perfect gifts to buy. I also shared a list of 20 Amazon gifts that are under $100, check it out. If you have a must-share idea, please comment below. Thank you and wish you all a happy holiday.

10 Luxury Gifts for Your Parents – Who deserve the best

Ever since I became a mom myself, I feel grateful for my parents a lot more. Even though our parents probably don’t expect anything from their children, but they deserve the best. This holiday season, if you are looking for the best gifts for your parents, this gift guide is for you. In this gift guide, I will share 10 luxury gifts you can give your parents this holiday season. They are the luxury items that are practical and look fancy so your parents will be excited for. Let’s hop right in!

Caraway Cookware Set

This is my first pick when thinking a gift idea for parents. If you parents love cooking, they deserve a high quality cookware set. I have a set myself and I swear by it. So, I would recommend Caraway Cookware if you have a budget. I am sure your parents will love them too.

Big Blanket

This is a (really) big blanket from the brand named Big Blanket Co. It’s a 10’x10′ blanket that your parents will love. It’s not only because it’s big, it’s also because it’s temperature regulating. I also have one and love it so much so I would recommend it as a gift.

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier

This air purifier is also a great gift idea. It’s like you’re taking care of your parents from the most basic thing: breathing. The OV200 Air Purifier is designed for small to medium sized rooms like a bedroom or office. It removes allergies, dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and light odors.

Google Hub Max

Giving your parents a Google Hub Max would be ideal if they live a little far away from you. With this gift, they can do video call, see the photos you share, access to information easily, and more. Therefore, I truly think it would be a great gift.

“Bonded Together” Tote by Wé McDonald

This is the gift of give back, since it’s an item from the World Vision’s Gift Catalog. Your purchase from this organization go to the World Vision Fund that equips people to rebuild in the wake of disasters and helps empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. So, this bag would be a meaningful gift for your mom.

The Complete Grace Collection by Patricia Heaton

Same to the bag above, this set of jewelries and scarf would be a meaningful gift as well. It’s because this set is also from the World Vision Gift Catalog. They are designed by Emmy® Award–winning actor Patricia Heaton exclusively for World Vision and handmade by artisans in India who are thriving through fair trade business. By buying a gift for your mom, you are helping World Vision’s mission.

BEARPAW Effie Slippers

The BEARPAW Effie women’s slipper has snuggly sheepskin inside, and a cable knit sweater outside. That makes them a cute little gift. Your mom would feel pampered wearing a pair of BEARPAW Effie Slippers. This brand has men slippers too, so you can also find a pair for your dad.

Vera Bradley Duvet set

In the photo is the Night Paisley Duvet Mini Set. The design is beautiful that would go with many bedroom styles. Bedding items from Vera Bradley are made with high quality and unique designs. Plus, this set is available in Queen and King sizes. Therefore, it is a great gift idea for your parents.

Olive & June – The Complete System

Save your mom a trip to nail salons by giving her the Complete System from Olive & June. It includes everything your mom will need for a salon-like mani care and pedi care at home. For that reason, this set would be the best gift ever.


Lastly, a robot vacuum is the best choice if your parents don’t have one yet. This robot vacuum takes cleaning to a new level with its advanced AIVI technology that can smartly detect and avoid objects on the floor with precision to prevent collisions. Not only that it vacuums, it has the mopping feature as well. A gift like this would save your parents some time cleaning the house.

And that’s all! The above is the list of 10 luxury gifts you can give your parents this holiday season. I hope this gift guide is helpful and hope you found an idea that works best for you. On previous blog post, I also shared a list of Cozy gifts for women, which would be perfect if you are buying gifts for your sister, your mom, your mother in law, or besties. Check it out and I wish you a very happy holiday.

An Easy Recipe with Eggnog this Christmas

This blog post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms

Everyone love having Eggnog as a Christmas tradition. I do too actually, and love it. Eggnog has always been a must for our family every holiday season. With the perfect taste that is just right for the holiday atmosphere, I personally think eggnog deserves the spotlight throughout the entire holiday season. This year, I have been loving to share unexpected twists from traditional dishes. So here is another recipe that I believe everyone will fall in love with. Before getting into it, be sure to check out my previous Thanksgiving side-dish which is the Crispy-Fried Pumpkin Salad with Sour Cream ranch. Now let’s check out the Eggnog Cream Puffs – an easy recipe with Eggnog you can make this Christmas.

Eggnog Cream Puffs
  • ½ cup water
  • 65gr all purpose flour
  • 65gr unsalted butter
  • 3/4 tsp granulated sugar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 5 tbsp Shamrock Farms Eggnog
  • 3 tbsp sugar powder
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
Why Shamrock Farms products?

I have been using and loving Shamrock Farms dairy products. Shamrock Farms is a local Arizona company and since I’m an Arizonan, I am proud to support them. It’s because all of their products are handcrafted with pure and fresh milk from their family of local farms. This holiday season, Shamrock Farms is sharing modern twists and transformed traditional recipes with Eggnog on their website. And you can find this Eggnog Cream Puffs recipe there too. 

How to make (steps by steps)

1. Boil water, ¾ tsp granulated sugar, ¼ tsp salt, and butter in a small pot on high heat until the mixture is completely boiled.

2. Turn the stove to low heat, quickly add all-purpose flour and mix well until everything is thick and non-sticky.

3.Remove the mixture from the pot, mix a little more to make it less hot.

4. When the mixture cools down but is still warm, add 2 eggs and mix well until smooth.

5. Preheat the oven to 430 degrees.

6. Transfer the mixture into a pastry bag or thick ziploc bag and cut a ⅓” hold.

7. Squeeze the mixture out on a baking tray/sheet. Each dough should be a size of an oreo cookie. Use your finger to shape them if necessary (Tips: dip your finger into water to avoid stickiness).

8. Bake at 430 degrees for 14 mins (or a little longer until you start seeing the shells get golden brown if your oven is big) then continue baking at 350 degrees for another 10 minutes.

9. After baking, take the puffs out and wait for them to completely cool down.

10. Meanwhile, prepare the Eggnog filling cream by mixing Shamrock Farms Heavy Whipping Cream (either stand mixer or hand mixer works) until soft peak.

11. Add sugar powder 1 tbsp at a time, then add vanilla extract.

12. Slowly add Shamrock Farms Eggnog and continue to mix until stiff peak then transfer the cream into a frosting bag/ziploc bag.

13. The puffs should be cool now. Use a knife to cut them horizontal however small or large you want. I personally leave a small part to make them open and close like a seashell.

14. Fill the Eggnog cream in the middle of each puff. We love eating them with just the right amount of cream, but you can fill less or more cream depending on your preference.

And that’s it. 

It might seem a lot when you read it but it’s really not complicated at all. I am sure everyone can make them. This is an easy recipe you can make this Christmas or throughout the holiday season if you love eggnog like I do. Shamrock Farms Eggnog is made in small batches, from pure, fresh Shamrock Farms milk and cream. With a custom blend of spices for the creamiest premium taste, it is a holiday favorite. This is why I love Shamrock Farms products. I can notice the farm-fresh flavor and richness from them.

This Eggnog Cream Puffs recipe is an easy recipe and it’s going to be your family’s favorite this Christmas. You can also make them fun for the Holidays by adding colors to the cream. Again, this recipe is going to be listed on Shamrock Farms website. They have many great recipe ideas for holidays that you can follow as well. Plus, they are having a coupon which is $1 off any 2 Shamrock Farms products. Have fun and enjoy!

A different Thanksgiving side dish you should try

This blog post and recipe is sponsored by Shamrock Farms

What I love about Thanksgiving is the delicious dishes on the Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, of course, is always the hero every year. As we love keeping the tradition while trying something new at the same time, side-dishes would be what you can switch around. Besides the tried-and-true holiday side-dish traditions like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and mac & cheese, there are many different side dishes our family loves. In this post, I am going to share a recipe I’m sure you’ll love. This side dish would be a twist this Thanksgiving and is something different that you should try. 

Shout out to Shamrock Farms

This is my favorite dairy brand. The first reason is that I notice a delicious difference when using their products. Everything made at Shamrock Farms starts with pure, fresh milk from a family of local farms. There are never artificial growth hormones added. And this company is a local Arizona company. Since I’m an Arizonan, I love supporting local businesses. Now let’s get to the recipe. 

Crispy-Fried Pumpkin Salad with Sour Cream Ranch


  • 250ml Shamrock Farms Sour Cream
  • 260ml Shamrock Farms Organic Wholemilk 
  • 100gr rice flour + 50gr all purpose flour
  • Pumpkin of choice 
  • Lettuce of choice
  • Bell pepper 
  • Corn (optional)
  • Shredded cheese (optional)
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper (optional)
  • ¼ tsp salt (optional)
How to make step by step:

1.Wash bell pepper and peeled pumpkin then leave a side.

2.While waiting for the pumpkin and bell pepper to dry, wash, drain, and cut lettuce.

3.Mix 250ml Shamrock Farms Sour Cream with 40ml Shamrock Farms Whole Milk, black pepper, and salt. This is a salad dressing and also a dip.

4.Mix 100gr rice flour + 50gr all purpose flour and 220ml milk into a deep bowl.

5.Slice drained bell pepper and pumpkin into thin slices (about ⅛ inch) then add them to the mixture above.

6.Carefully mix well so the mixture evenly coats pumpkin and bell pepper.

7.Boil oil in a deep pot until hot enough. Then use a fork to pick and drop each coated slice into the pot. Fry them for about 3-4 minutes.

8.Add lettuce and other optional ingredients into a salad bowl. Place the fried pumpkin and bell pepper on top.

9.Top with the Sour Cream Ranch dressing made in step 3.

I love using Shamrock Farms dairy products for their richness and farm-fresh flavor. The Shamrock Farms Sour Cream gives a richer and more natural flavor. It is handcrafted with pure and fresh milk so you can notice the difference. Also, their whole milk is another staple item in our fridge. Now that you have the recipe. This Crispy-Fried Pumpkin Salad with Sour Cream Ranch would be a different side dish you should try this Thanksgiving. It’s super quick and easy to do. I hope you give a try and love it. Also check out my previous recipe with other Shamrock Farms products: the Matcha Cookie Smoothie.