5 outdoor family activities for Fall in Arizona

As fall is currently approaching the States, leaves are turning into a stunning color. It’s about time for some outdoor adventures to enjoy the transition from the summer to the winter of Arizona. Been living here as an Arizonan for years, I’ve witnessed the beauty of colored leaves during Fall so many times. However when it comes to this season, I’m still excited. I love to observe that beautiful orange leaves falling down all over the streets, parks, forests, everywhere! Believe me, there’re so many fun things to do during Fall in Arizona. Here are the top 5 outdoor family activities your family can enjoy when it’s Fall in Arizona.

5 outdoor family activities for Fall in Arizona
Visit the farms 

Fall is when the farms offer many fun activities for families with young children. Many offer u-pick fruits/vegetables. My favorite farms in Arizona is the Mortimer Farms, located in which is about 2 hours away up north from Phoenix. We often go there for strawberry picking (season starts from late May to September). It’s a large farm where your kids can interact with farms animals, roam free, and enjoy many fun activities like slides, bike rides, swings, etc. This farms often has weekend events. For more information on hours and pricing, you can go to their website here.

Besides, there are many other farms in Arizona that you can check out. The weather in Fall is perfect for a day out at the farms. Plus, pumpkin season is coming very soon. This is a must-do activity in my opinion.

My daughter petting a baby goat at Mortimer Farms

Who on earth doesn’t love camping during fall season! There are so many family friendly campgrounds in Arizona. Those are perfect for your family can enjoy starry nights, cool evenings and many other outdoor activities. Just to keep in mind, you need to do some researches and well prepare when camping with kids. Make sure you bring enough gears and essentials for a smooth family camping trip.

If you’re still wondering about where to camp, here are some choices worth considering: Gilbert Ray Campground (Tucson), Lake Havasu State Park, Manzanita Campground (Sedona), Cave Springs Campground (Sedona), Spillway Campground near Payson, Lynx Campground (Lynx Lake), Bonito Campground near Flagstaff, etc

Observe color-changing fall foliage

From early September till late November, Arizona proves its true beauty through yellow and red shades all over the forests and mountains. The locals here admit that seeing the fall foliage is the best activity that everyone should try once in their lifetime. Plus, this fall color gives people chances to photograph amazing pictures for their instagram, blogs or pinterest. 

Here are some of the best places for you to go and see how pretty fall is: Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks, Verde Valley and Sedona, Aravaipa Canyon.

Go hiking

The temperature is cooling off starting from September. This is such an opportune time to go hiking and stretch your legs in Arizona. If you have kids, you can let them join your short hiking trip on weekends. There are some top-rated hiking trails like in Sedona, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, etc. The trick is that you need to look for some easy trails when hiking with small children. My friends at Phoenix with kids has a lot of detailed recommendations on her website that you can check out.

Spend time with your kids in National Parks

If you just want something less adventurous, simply spending time with your family in National Park is just enough. There is a lot to do at the park, you can let your children have a ride on their bikes or have a BBQ gathering or play some sports, etc. In Arizona, we often celebrate the Fall by having outdoor BBQ since the weather is just perfect. 

Alright, above are my top 5 outdoor family activities you can do during Fall in Arizona. I hope this post is helpful. Hit like to let me know. If you have more ideas, please share below. Check out my other blog post here.

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