Wardrobe MUST HAVES for Spring-Summer

This blog post is sponsored by Wantable

The season changing between Spring and Summer is when it’s the best weather in Arizona. It brings such a fresh mood and makes me want to do something to refresh myself after such a long chaotic time of unwanted events. Purchasing new clothes comes first into my mind whenever I want to kick a new start for something. If you’re following my blog and Instagram, you surely know about Wantable which I previously mentioned. This is an online-based retailer which provides you a box of clothes hand-picked by professional stylists based on your personal taste and style. They just sent me a box of items which completely blows my mind because these are the wardrobe must haves for Spring-Summer. So, I’m sharing them below. 

A flowy comfy jumpsuit

To be honest, I’m totally not a fan of jumpsuits but this time is different. This jumpsuit fits me well and I love it. The material is really nice and comfy; and you know what, the color is stunning, it lifts up my skin tone and makes me feel a bit skinnier.

Black Dress

Black dresses are always the must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe. This dress is so damn suitable for outdoor parties or daily activities during the summer. I would love to mix this dress with a checked shirt to have a sporty look. 

A simple midi skirt

To be honest, I love wearing midi skirts since they cover my imperfection, which is my short and big thighs. A simple solid color skirt could pair with different tops. I like to wear a mini skirt with a loose-fit tee, a flowy button down shirt, or a basic cropped cami. There are so many outfits I can mix and match with midi skirts. It is one of the wardrobe must haves for Spring-Summer that every girl should have.

Black blazer

To be honest, this one is the first blazer I’ve ever owned. You can mix this blazer with any kind of dress to have a more formal look for some special occasions. Yup, blazers are loved for their flexible mix and match ability, especially black ones. Black blazer normally goes well with skirts, dresses, T-shirts or even jumpsuits. 

Orange dress

This kind of dress is so nice for a summer date, right? If you’re so tired of your black and white and basic items in your closet, an orange dress is definitely the best choice.

You know what I love most about Wantable? It’s their returnable policy. You only have to pay for the items you keep and return those unwanted ones. And one more interesting point is that you do not know what you’re gonna receive, what inside the box surprises you somehow. And yes, I love surprises! 

Summer is nearby and the weather is changing, maybe it’s a nice time to give yourself a change, too. Hope this random blog can help you find out a new way to ‘touch’ the fashion fashionably. 

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