5 Simple New Year New Me ideas

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Looks like 2020 was not a wonderful year for everyone. Finally, 2020 is over. Now it’s time to come up with some new year’s resolutions for 2021. For the promising new year to come, I’m all about refreshing and trying new things. In this post, I’m sharing a list of 5 new-year-new-me ideas that you may need to borrow. Let’s check it out. 

Make self-care a priority

It’s been a year of hard work. You absolutely need to take care of yourself and pay more attention to listen to your soul. Make time for a good spa day, or gift yourself a do-nothing day to refresh your well-being as well as your inner feelings. Another idea of self-care is to get yourself a Wantable box each month. You can also do one box every 2 or 3 months. The box will be filled with 7 items based on your style.

Set new goals for 2021

As the crazily negative effect of covid-19, I am sure 2020 has postponed many of your plans. Yes, let’s write down everything you’ve missed this year. Then, create a new set of goals which will need to be done in 2021. 

Add new items to your wardrobe

Fashion changes all the time and the joy of dressing is somehow an art. Buying new clothes for the New Year is also one of the simple ideas for you to create a “new me”. If you have no idea about what to buy or how to alter your style, let Wantable help you. What is Wantable? It’s a new way to shop for clothes. Which they offer you clothes picked by their professional stylists but totally based on your style and your favorite. You may need to check out for more info here. 

Add flowers to your home

A new year is coming as fresh as it can be so why don’t you decorate your house with lots of fresh flowers to welcome the Spring of 2021. Yes, lots of, I mean fill your house with a lot of flowers. Buying new kinds of flowers you have never bought before is even better. I love to add bouquets of roses, daisies, pink tulips to every corner of the living room so as to feel like Spring every time coming home. 

Switch your perfumes

Hmmm, I love to use different kinds of perfumes in different seasons and of course new year is not the exception. I want to smell nice and fresh and mysterious for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. And of course, I’ve chosen a new brand of perfume and I’m quite satisfied. As fragrance is the invisible bodysuit of a woman, I sincerely recommend that everyone should have their own interesting “bodysuit” that suits them well in all occasions

Yeah that’s it. Those above are 5 simple ideas that you can do in New Year to feel like a “new me”. New Year is not something that is so special but it’s a time everyone celebrates. So, be prepared and be unique to make your coming year incredibly promising. 

Special thanks to Wantable for partnering with me in this blog post. I have been loving the items in my Wantable boxes. The stylist did a very good job in picking outfits that fit my style very well. See the styles I received here, and here. I hope you all keep Wantable in mind when thinking of getting new clothes. I am sure you will have a great experience.

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