Being parents is exhausted and crazy at the same time. It is also time limited to be exact. However, parents still need to warm up their relationship. Here are 5 of my favorite date ideas for busy parents. To understand our lifestyle a little more, learn more About Me here. Now let’s continue to read.  

My husband and I have been married for years. We have a 4-year-old girl who is overly active and playful. That means that we hardly make time for each other as life just drives us crazy everyday. However, to get over the boredom of a long relationship, we successfully apply all the weird but romantic activities into our busy life. Somehow they have been working well for us. Keep on reading, I’m quite sure that those things can rewind your romantic affairs too.

Switch the breakfast-making role

Okay, this is what me and my husband love to do. The rule is that my husband has to prepare breakfast on certain days of week. All the other days it is my duty. I usually tell him what I want to have for breakfast and his job is trying to cook the exact kind of meal. What makes this funny is sometimes my food demand is just far beyond his cooking ability but he must try for it. I never know if the meal comes up with a mess or a bless? Both are okay because what we love is the other’s effort. Sometimes, I let him surprise me.

Having late night stay-at-home movies

A late movie night requires a good movies, home-made popcorn, delicious coke and a loving partner. You can make your own tasteful popcorn by following some online recipes and enjoy your movie night after your baby has fallen asleep. Choosing what type of movies to watch is also important. We love romantic and psychological movies. You can find so many movies of this type on Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, etc.

Go on a day trip or have a picnic

Neither of them is a date night but we consider it a dating idea. A family day trip or picnic is much more enjoyable than you think. Why do I love these ideas? It’s because my daughter just has great affection for a road trip. And guess what? While we are blending in the nature and have some fun together as a complete family, I get to see my partner’s responsibility. It’s the sweetest feeling when your partner is on the same page with you when it comes to taking care of your family outside the house. I often want to show my hubby how much I appreciate him especially for taking us on amazing trips or perfecting our picnics.

Let your partner choose your #ootd

We often do this on weekends when our family has an outdoor playing day. We choose outfits for the other and take some photos during the day to memorize every sweet moment we spend together. My husband hates wearing pastel colored shirts but I take them as a top priority whenever it comes to weekends. He hates it but sometime he has to agree that they look good on him. That’s also when he makes me feel so proud (which he probably doesn’t even know).

Surprised gifts

I love preparing presents for my husband when there is no special occasion at all. Surprising is always fun, right? And in return, he loves to give me surprise “gifts” as well, which is a quick getaway or simply a cup of my favorite milk tea. And that all little things just melt my heart!

Trying to refresh your relationship is more crucial than you think it should be. Long-term husbands and wives seem to lose interest in each other. That’s why many families are sadly broken apart. Don’t let that sadness happen to your life. Try to do something new and enjoy family life together! I hope those 5 date ideas above are helpful for busy parents like ourselves.

Escape from toddler vs. Escape the room. Which is harder?

Ever since we have our daughter, my husband and I have never been away from her for a bit. Either one of us stays with her or both. So last night we decided to escape from her for a couple hours. Don’t get me wrong. We love being with her all the time. But sometime it’s nice to have a couple of hours of kid-free.

So we had my mom took care of our daughter, we ran out of the house, hopped on the car, and headed to Phoenix. So since this is our first kid-free time, we wanted to do something that is for adults only that we used to do before kids.

When we were living in Vietnam before having our daughter, we LOVED all the escape rooms there. Escape room is a team building game that you and a group of friends/family will be locked in a room with all the puzzles and locks. Your mission is to find clues and ways to unlock them and get yourself (and your team) out of the room. It is such a fun activity. Since we have Misa we had never been into one. Now we found one near us in Phoenix, AZ which is PanIQ Escape Room. We knew it is the perfect place for our short kid-free time.

So we call my brother and his friend, and headed to Phoenix, with our tickets booked. We stopped by a boba tea shop to get some drinks. Our little fun time can never be without boba milk tea.

After getting drinks we continued driving to PanIQ.

We arrived PanIQ Escape Room and have our team ready for the game. Our room was the Kidnapped room. The other two are Aliens and Wild West. The room we chose was the hardest one in all 3. So we were super excited.

We had 60 minutes to escape the room. They divided our team into 2, each team went to one door. My husband and I were locked in a cage, waiting for my brother and his friend to come rescue us. We also had to find the keys to unlock ourselves.

It does sounds easy, but it is not easy at all. It is very challenging to find every single clue. Since we had experience playing the game back in Vietnam, we were not so terrified. Or I can say we were a little confident. However, we spent 25 minutes to finish 1/3 of the room, and then time’s up when we were almost out of the room. The staff said we only need about 10 more minutes to make it out of the room.

It was such a great time playing. We had so much fun and lots of laugh. Every time we unlocked a puzzle or lock, it’s the best feeling. It’s actually the first time my brother and his friend playing Escape room, and they are now making a team to come back. My husband and I love this game. We will come back too whenever we have someone taking care of our daughter. It is so good to have our brains working their best for such a fun, satisfying, challenging hour.

PanIQ staffs were so friendly and informative. The room was so challenging which we love. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try. PanIQ Escape Room is not only in Phoenix, AZ. There are some other locations around the country like in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Miami. Kids at age 10 or over are welcome, so you could bring your kids for a family fun if they are old enough. Our tickets for 4 were $80 before tax. So it’s not expensive at all. Click here to choose your nearest location and book your tickets.

After the game, my husband and I had to ran home because of grandma could not handle our daughter anymore. She was crying for hours and throwing lots of tantrums (toddler it is). So our little date night ended right there. To compare, I would say Escape Room game is much more easier than escaping from your toddler(s). I can’t wait to be back to PanIQ Escape Room whenever we find time.

Thank you PanIQ Escape Room for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. We truly love the game and we will come back for sure.