How to Get Started in a Career in Marketing

Marketing has been a popular career field to get into for decades, and it only seems to grow. You could find a wide variety of jobs within marketing that might match everything you want in a job. But, with so many people trying to get into the industry, it can be hard to land your perfect job. Like anytime you’re trying to find a new job, you’ll have to put in some effort if you want to get the best one.

If you’re looking to get a job in marketing, here are a few things that could help you.

Choose your field

There are a number of different marketing jobs, all with something to offer, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for everyone. Someone who will excel as a market research analyst might not have any interest in content marketing. To get the right job, you have to understand where your strengths are. You might even find that there are a few jobs that you’re qualified for that you never even considered. Finding something you’re good at isn’t always enough, you should also take into consideration which jobs will also make you happy for more than a few months.

Research job requirements

Even if you know you’re good at a certain job, that position at one company might be different than at another. You might have seen a job title at one place that has a completely different set of skills somewhere else. Different companies could also have different qualifications for experience. Taking the extra time to look at each job’s requirements will ensure that you’re applying for the right position and can even help save you some time.

Attend networking events

In any field, networking is an important step to make connections and help get yourself ahead. Networking can help you get guidance from experienced marketers and opens you up to any potential jobs. Even if it doesn’t lead directly to a job offer, making new connections can only help you. If attending events in person isn’t accessible, you could also always join online groups and forums to meet new people and get advice.

Take courses

Taking online courses in marketing can be helpful for people who don’t already have marketing experience. You might already have some transferable skills from other jobs or a past education not directly related to marketing, but taking a course or two will only make you look better. Some who might already have marketing experience, but are looking to take on a totally different role can also benefit from taking courses.

Start freelancing

If you’re struggling to find a full-time job, or maybe you just want to pick up some work on the side, freelancing is a perfect choice for you. Freelancing is available for many different marketing jobs, and you can take on as much or as little as you’re able to get. Getting some extra experience can show potential employers how skilled you are. You might even find that you prefer the freelance life over a typical desk job.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Party

Image Credit: Pexels

While attending parties is always a blast, throwing a party can be extremely stressful. After all, you want to make sure everyone is having a great time, and that’s a huge responsibility! If you’re throwing a big shindig and want your guests to have the time of their lives, think outside the box to make it the event of the year. Here are some of our favorite ideas for parties we’d R.S.V.P. for in a heartbeat.

Stick to a theme

Some of the most fun parties are those during the Halloween season. Playing dress-up for a night gives you the chance to play a role and be someone else for the evening. Keep that same feeling all year ‘round with throwing a costume party during any season. A masquerade, 80’s prom, Hawaiian luau, roarin’ 20’s, any reason to dress up (and buy a new outfit!) adds a little something extra to the event. Keep the theme going with the food you serve and in the decor to create the right atmosphere. You can even curate a special playlist for the party to really set the mood.

Hire live entertainment

One way to get a party rolling is to hire a band or DJ for your event. Music is an important piece of any real party, but often, that’s the only type of live entertainment we think of for a party. There are so many other options for talented performers that can make a party unforgettable. For a children’s party, we often think of hiring a clown or a magician, but the same idea works for adult events as well. Circus performers, comedians, or impersonators for hire can give your party a fun vibe and entertain guests during times when there might be a lull in conversation.

Play some games

When you think of party games, you might think of two particular types – one, a slow-moving night of Monopoly with a small group of friends, or two, a rowdy game of beer pong and chugging frat-boy-style. There are so many other options for group activities that you may not have considered that will put the family board game night to shame. There is a board game trend resurfacing in popular culture right now that has resulted in a lot of great games for small and big parties alike. The raunchy Cards Against Humanity is a crowd pleaser that everyone is familiar with. If you like something spooky, give Betrayal at House on the Hill a try, or keep it traditional and host a poker night. Games are a great ice breaker, especially if you’re worried about guests who aren’t acquainted mingling with each other.

Get outside

If you’re throwing a party in one of the warmer months and you have a yard, deck, or outdoor venue available, consider bringing the party outside. If you’re worried about rain, a combination indoor-outdoor party works best. Having some room outside to move around allows guests to move outside for more personal conversations or to get some fresh air. Get creative outside and include picnic blankets, string lights, or a bonfire to create a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing night. You can even create s’mores bags for guests to enjoy around the campfire or set out cushions and blankets for late-night stargazing. Splurge on a projector and create a drive-in-style party in your yard with a movie projected on the side of the house or a large tarp, and let guests enjoy a movie night under the stars.

Spruce up the menu

It’s always great to have some easy items on hand at a party, like pigs in a blanket or chicken wing dip. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a few menu items, though. If you’re throwing a theme party, keep with the aesthetic and create some unforgettable dishes for your guests. You can even incorporate the menu into the theme and host an event like a sushi-making night. Pinterest is a great place for unique food recipes for parties. A popular party staple right now is a donut wall, dessert bar, or a brunch station for midday parties.

4 Websites I use to earn Free Products before starting to blog.

Below I will share all the sites I know and tips for getting free products even if you don’t have a big followers on social medias.

Before I start, I have to mention that this is how I become an influencer. Yes that’s true. Everyone and everything starts by a small step. I have a big passion for free products (who doesn’t love getting things for free?) as I was always curious how the Youtube beauty bloggers got those PR packages. So I went online and googled things like “how to get free stuffs”.

After doing lots of researches, trying lots of sites and tips. I can say everyone can receive free products, not only bloggers/influencers. Yes EVERYONE. I’m so happy to finally share my experience for those who don’t know where to start, or those who are not interested in becoming influencers but love trying things for free. And by saying “free”, it means you DON’T have to pay even a penny.

Okay let’s jump right in.

1. Influenster

Kết quả hình ảnh cho influenster

If you have never heard about Influenster or don’t know if you should sign up. YES YES YES. Go sign up now. Trust me, you will thank me later. It is the place that you could score free products from well known brands (or even high end brands) in many categories like beauty products, foods, home products, pets products, etc.

So basically, this is how Influenster works after you sign up:
-Complete you profile and get some badges.
-Once in a while you will receive a pre-survey saying you’re in a short list of Influenster’s next VoxBox campaign. Fill it out ASAP.
-If you got chosen, they will announce soon after that. A VoxBox full fill with full-size & sample size products (depends on the campaign) will be sent to you, for FREE, with specific badges for you to finish.
-Finish as many badges as possible for higher chance to earn more VoxBox.
Just so easy, and it’s free to join. So why not? Sign up for Influenster here.

2. PINCHme

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PINCHme

This is the site that sends out sample size products more, sometime full-size but not often. The way PINCHme works is that you sign up for free, complete your account and wait for the new samples date, then you go pick the samples you want them to send. After receiving the products, try them and then do their surveys, which are very easy and quick.
It’s just that simple and again, FREE. Sign up here.

3. Crowdtap

It was the site that I LOVED the most. I still love it but as I grow I get much more busier to spend time on Crowdtap. That’s the only reason I stopped. So, with a free-to-join account, you can go do surveys, polls, and other tasks, to earn gift cards (yup really!!! like Amazon GCs), and to get free samples.

I truly love how easy the tasks I had were and I wish I could have more time for Crowdtap. But as a beginner, or as I said even if you don’t have a followers, you can still earn some money to spend on Amazon, plus some samples. Go sign up for Crowdtap here.

Btw, the samples I got from them were from very well known brands like Almay, Neutrogena, Marc Jacobs, Mrs Meyer’s.

4. SampleSource

Kết quả hình ảnh cho samplesource

I did got some but not much from this site months ago. Hopefully they have more and better samples now tho. So basically you sign up and just wait, they will send alert about new samples via email whenever they have new offers. It will be a little long while just so you can expect it that way.

I got some really cool and practical products but not from brands I know. But it’s still good to sign up for a SampleSource account, since it’s FREE.

Other ways to get free stuffs:

Yes besides those sites above, I was also finding a blogger specific in hunting free products and money saving, those I fell like I would trust, to follow. They always come up with new tips.

Entering giveaways on Instagram is also a great way to have a chance to win big prize.

If you have a little or lots of experience on getting free products, leave a comment below to add.

A day is much better when receiving freebies in the mail.

5 Tips for Better Wellness in Your Life

Far too many of us take our health and wellness for granted, until an illness or injury happens. But living a healthy life often means leading a happy life and a longer one too.

For greater wellness, follow these five tips and you might be surprised to find that relatively small changes can make a major difference.

Aim to Take Frequent Breaks in the Fresh Air

If you work indoors, you probably don’t get outside often enough but going outdoors and enjoying the fresh air can actually raise levels of the feel-good hormone known as serotonin to make us feel better. Aim to get out for at least a few minutes once every hour or two. You’ll not only be giving your eyes a break from the glare of the computer screen and harsh lights but it will reduce your stress levels, enhance energy, strengthen your immune system and even improve blood pressure.

Move More

While getting outside regularly will get you moving at least a bit, try to move as often as you can. Even brief periods of exercise can help. Take 10 minutes to walk the stairs or walk around your building, with a goal to get at least 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise a day. It’ll go a long way in helping your waistline, relieving stress and reducing the risk of countless health problems from migraines and depression to heart disease and diabetes. It will instantly put you in a better mood and provide an energy boost too. According to Harvard Medical School, the secret to better health is exercise.

Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

They say at least three-quarters of your health is linked to what you eat, which means it’s important to feed your body with what it needs for total wellness. Greens are one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but aim to eat a rainbow of colors from purple grapes and orange carrots to yellow squash and green spinach. If you don’t like veggies, toss some into a smoothie with a banana or another sweet fruit and you probably won’t even notice they’re there. Your body will thank you with a healthier weight, better cholesterol levels, improved digestion, more beautiful skin and a stronger heart.


Obviously if we don’t breathe, we don’t live, but did you know there is a significant difference between actually breathing properly and the shallow breathing that most of us do automatically without a second thought. Taking just a few minutes to check to see if you’re breathing the right way can almost immediately transform a poor mood into a better one and even ease anxiety and sadness. You should inhale deeply, from the belly and then exhale deeply which aids the body in eliminating carbon dioxide while helping to replenish it with oxygen. Check periodically to see if you’re breathing the right way.

Embark on a Wellness Retreat

Travel is a great way to enhance wellness as it often brings opportunities for more exercise, and usually in fun forms. Take that up a notch by embarking on a wellness retreat in Queensland, Australia or perhaps another destination you’ve been dreaming of. Retreats like these not only help to motivate, but often they bring the chance to learn more about nutrition while enjoying all sorts of outdoor adventures too.

Stock Up and Give Back!

This is a sponsored post for Always

It’s truly the best feeling when you get to stock up for that time of the month while helping other girls to be as confident as you are.  At this point, you might have already heard of the Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign. If you have not, it’s a meaningful campaign from Always & Walmart to help #EndPeriodPoverty. I have talked about this campaign on a previous blog post. I also shared my experience about my difficult life 10 years ago in Vietnam. Be sure to read it! (provide link to post here) It is tough for me to think back but I think it is important to share because it relates to the Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign.

Period poverty is a real problem in the U.S. Nearly 1 in 5 girls have missed school because they can’t afford period protection. They do not just only miss school, but also the activities they love. And the side effects of missing out on their activities outside of school can be just as real.

These activities help build a girl’s confidence and skills, and missing out can limit a girl’s potential and opportunities far beyond puberty.

Always Live #LikeAGirl is all about helping girls stay confident by encouraging girls to stay in sports and to persevere through failure—both of which are key confidence boosters.

Always and Walmart are donating a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states. Also, during January, for every purchase of a 3-pack box of Always Pads, Always will donate a pack to girls in need across the US. This donation will only be triggered via purchases from during the month of January.

You can get involved and help, too! Simply go to to purchase a 3-pack box of Always Pads and Always will donate a pack to girls in need. It’s a win-win – you stock up AND help a girl stay in the activity she loves.

Stay Active #LikeAGirl

“This is a sponsored post for Always.”

When I was a teenager living in Vietnam, my family was having a terrible time economically. My mom moved to the United States when I was 15. She was moving with nothing but hope for a better life for her children. We, a 15-year-old girl, a 12-year-old girl, and a 9-year-old boy, were left with my dad who had never had that responsibility.

By that time, both my little sister and I were teenagers. Nobody taught us about what was going to happen when we grew from little girls to teen girls. By then, we were uneducated about having a period and we weren’t able to afford pads all the time. We were unprepared most of the times. It was a lot better when we got to come here to the United States and live a better life with my mom 3 years after that.

However, whenever I think back about those days, it’s terrifying to me especially since  I am amom of a girl now. I had tears running down my face as I was watching this video from Always Live #LikeAGirl.

The video brings me back to the memories of those days. I also used toilet paper when I didn’t have pads. I know the exact feeling when being unprepared. Everyone knows that being prepared and ready in any life situation is important, but in the case of having a period, it’s a lot more important for a girl.

Now I know it’s not only in my home country, Vietnam. Period poverty is a real problem in the U.S. Nearly 1 in 5 girls have missed school because they can’t afford period protection. The Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign is all about helping girls stay confident. Their previous campaigns have done that by encouraging girls to stay in sports and encouraging them to persevere through failure—both of which are key confidence boosters.

This year, Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign is aimed at keeping girls involved in the confidence-boosting activities they love—by helping tackle period poverty. Always and Walmart are donating a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states to help #EndPeriodPoverty . With my real-life story, this campaign is so important to me. I’m so proud to be partnered with Always and Walmart to support it.

Let’s get her back in the action by sharing the new Always Live #LikeAGirl YouTube video and creating awareness of period poverty.

This new Always Live #LikeAGirl video is a must-watch. Everyone should watch it, especially if you are a teen girl or are a parent to girls.

Again, as a mom myself, I work hard to provide my daughter a wonderful life no matter which age she is. But life is hard, things may happen. I adore and 100% support meaningful campaigns like this. I highly encourage you to do so and spread the word about it. That one little act from each of us would mean so much for someone’s daughter.

Kid Toys for Toddler

Gifting is fun this Holiday season especially buying gifts for toddlers/kids. As a mom to a toddler, I found it to be so fun and magical for them to open the gifts.

Below is my top 10 picks. Hopefully it is helpful for someone who is looking for kid gift ideas.

1-Mystery box with Kinder Surprise Eggs giftguide3I made this idea for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and it was so fun watching her digging the box to find toys. So I think I would do it again this Christmas. Instead of makeup toys, 15 pieces of Kinder surprise eggs would be perfect. This idea is fun while doesn’t hurt your wallet. I bet kids who receive this will totally love it.

2-Learning Recources Puppy Play setgiftguide2My daughter loves pets. This set is great for her. It is simple and cute. It would make the best first puppy set for toddlers 2+ years old. Learning Recources also has a wide range of toys for all ages.

3-SoulSlings Doll Carriergiftguide6For toddlers who love dolls!!!!! This is the cutest item. I love seeing my daughter wearing her doll using this carrier, just like a mini me. I also have a matching actual toddler carrier which is also from the brand SoulSlings. Adding a cute little lightweight doll is perfect.

4-Kidzlane Piano Matgiftguide4This is a super fun item for 3+ years old. My daughter is a little too young to enjoy all the fun but she loves making random music with her little steps. If you are gifting this to a big kid at 4+ years old, I believe he/she will love it a lot.

5-Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends 12-Pack giftguide8This has been what my daughter watching on youtube. She LOVES seeing others playing with PlayFoam and I know she wanted it too. It is so fun and sastifying playing with these. Yes even I do get attracted. Each pack has a cute animal in it which is the extra fun. Great for family with 2 or more kids.

6-USA Toyz – Snap N’ Glow Trax Light Racer Setgiftguide5This would be the best for boys. Girls also love it, for example my daughter. She will needs to be a little older to play with it longer so I would say it’s great for 4+ years old.

7-USA Toyz – Unicorn Play Tentgiftguide7Now this unicorn little play tent is the girls favorite. It folds compactly just like the size of that box in this pic, and pops up beautifully and roomy. Adding a little unicorn plush toy is perfect.

8-Cubcoats 2-in-1 giftguide1This 2-in-1 stuffed toy transformss into a jacket. How cool is that? It would be the item that both kid and mommy will love. So convenient for on the go.

9-MiniDiva Reborn Baby Doll giftguide9This doll is in new born size and weight. It looks just like a real baby with soft silicone arms & legs. It is the perfect gift for 2+ toddlers who loves playing dolls. Use my code XMAS15% for 15% off.

10-WoomBike – Woom 1 for Toddlergiftguide10This is the very high quality bike for 2.5+ years old. It does say for 1.5 to 5 years old but I personally think my daughter will master it at 2.5 or 3. Love that the seat height is adjustable. This is the great gift for active toddlers.

Those 10 items above are listed in ascending price. Hope that helps too. Any of those items I mentioned is already on your list? Do you have any other item you think must be added in? Comment down below.

Do It For The Gram

For new moms who want to start blogging and potentially become an influencer, in this post I’m going to share the steps that I took to become an influencer along with some tips about getting that “instagram worthy” photo. Good photos and being able to portray YOU is one of the most important things about being an influencer.

Before I became an influencer, I was always scrolling my phone looking at  influencers and bloggers on instagram. These ladies were so inspiring to me. One day it clicked. I can do that too! I was always curious of how well they portrayed their life into fancy looking photos. Do they really have dreamy houses where every single corner of their house is “instagram worthy?” Do they secretly have messy spaces and just photograph around it? Or throw everything aside and just photograph what’s pretty?

I was so hesitant at first, but I wanted to be a lifestyle blogger too and I’m still learning as I transition into being a blogger. (The modern day internet triple threat. HAHA.) Why was I hesitant? Because at that time, I couldn’t find anywhere in my house that would be a good background. All my photos were taken with an old model iphone under bad lighting and distracting backgrounds. So how did I make it to this point? Did I spend a lot to fix it? Let’s find out!

  1. Clean it for the gram ! 

I mean it!. Get up and clean all over your house. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Make as many blank space as possible. Take advantage of windows for lighting. Paint the wall brighter if you can and want to. Brighter empty space makes look more appealing to the eye.


  1. Buy something nice !

A nice neutral sofa for example, and something to store all your kid’s little toys. This absolutely up to you and your budget. I personally like to use cube organizers and cube bins with white and light grey (the last pic on the screenshot above). It is a good background for daily life photos while keeping the room neat. Plus, it doesn’t cost much.

I bought many things but not all at once so there are something I can’t remember, but the Mainstays 8 cube organizer is $35 at Walmart (i know right?) and the 6 pack cube organizer bin is $17 on Amazon. Some other things I got from collaborations with brands. So I couldn’t sum up to an exact amount, but whatever you want to buy, do search on Amazon or Walmart. They have the best value items.

  1. Enjoy the better photos

At this point when your house looks nicer,  it’s way more than enough for you to have a good starting point. It doesn’t have to be that cute, super expensive and updated vintage farmhouse. You can make what YOU have work, even without spending money.

Is it worth doing that much work to start?

I say YES ! Even if you’re not getting seriously into the influencer thing, it’s worth having a fresh, clean, and nice looking house. And who doesn’t want to have pretty photos to look back on?

If you are starting to be a mom blogger/instagrammer/influencer, BE CONFIDENT . Don’t think your followers will dislike your photos just because your house is not as beautiful as you want it to be. You’re biggest critic is yourself. The content that you create is going to be the most important. There are opportunities to collab with brands for products.

I’m pretty sure there are many influencers (including myself) who wipe down areas and clear all the clutter to have a nice clean looking space for photos. lol.

We’re all doing it for the gram !

Just a normal photo
Look at the background, super distracting. See the below image to see how I changed the corner.

I replaced the old desk by a more fancy desk and chair from ikea. Both of them are white.

Finally !! I have a BLOG !!!

Hey guys, this is Vannie. Thank you for stopping by my “house”. This is my first blog post ever. I guess I need to introduce myself more, but to make this post short, you can go to “About Me” on top of my page or click HERE.

I’m an Arizona based Instagram influencer I should have created a blog a long time ago, but I didn’t have enough confidence in myself (and I still don’t). I’m afraid I’ll make tons of grammatical errors since English is not my first language. However, I think that by being an influencer on instagram, it’ll help me practice my English. So here I am writing my own blog.


I’m just a mom like many of you. I try my best to make it look good on the gram, but trust me I’m that lazy messy mom. I post about lifestyle and parenthood topics. Hopefully, this blog will be a warm and informative place for us as you join me on our journey of motherhood together.

Okay, let’s get started by commenting below with any question or suggestion you have.

This blog house is always open for new friends ❤