6 simple ways to have a better sleep

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Uneven sleep quality results in tons of physical and mental problems. Therefore, having a good night’s rest plays an important role in having a better mood, more energy, and general wellbeing. Those who are having a hard time sleeping at night can improve the situation. In partnership with Centrum, I’m sharing 6 simple ways to have a better sleep.

Stay productive during the day

Being able to get a good amount of work done for the day will help you be able to relax your mind to prepare to fall asleep. At night, set your tasks for the next day. Make sure you get yourself ready for a busy ahead. Taking vitamins is a great way to support you during the day.

Shout out to Centrum Whole Food Multivitamin Women’s & Men’s Multivitamins. They are uniquely made with a natural blend of organic whole food fruits and vegetables. I have a separate blog post sharing How to stay productive working from home, you might want to check it out.

Sleep-inducing music 

As music has a strong power to heal your soul and relax your mind, some kinds of rhythm can actually sing you to sleep in seconds. 

Those meditative sounds are able to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Listening to some soothing piece of music before bedtime is a good preparation for a nice rest. Here are my recommendations you can add to your playlist: Piano version of your favorite songs, the sound of rain or ocean, slow romantic rhythm, etc. A sleep sound machine can help too.

Relaxing bedroom

Make your bedroom feel more comfy with a high-quality mattress. Use nice bedding fabrics that give you a cozy feeling. Be sure to keep your bedroom lighting comfortably low. And don’t forget to keep all the pillows fresh and covered with a good smell.

Television and all other electrical devices such as computers, laptops, and gaming devices are better kept out of your shuteye areas. These objects can easily steal your sleep at night so don’t give them any chance. Bedroom’s temperature is also crucial. Ensure your room’s air conditioner works well at keeping your place cool enough to relax. These are my favorite tips out of these 6 simple ways to have a better sleep.

Lavender oil 

Study shows that Lavender oil does wonders to your sleeping habit. Applying some drops of lavender oil to your pillow everyday may help a lot. You can also use this oil in your laundry routine as well. 

Place an essential oil diffuser near or in your bedroom for more comfy effect. That nice smell works great at healing your anxiety and giving you a stress-free mind before shuteye.

Regular sleeping schedule 

Sticking to a good bed-time routine is more important than it seems to be. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day will boost your energy. It will activate your concentration all day long. Sleep deprivation is so harmful to your mental health. Enough sleep with a nice schedule keeps you out of negative and unpleasant emotional disorders.

A problem in your schedule of bedtime can cause insufficient work execution because of a heavy sleepy feeling. There are some apps you can download to your phone to set a regular night-time routine and evaluate your sleep quality as well. 

Proper dietary food intake

Have you ever heard that some certain kinds of drink or food can positively influence your sleep? Try a cup of hot chamomile tea mix with one teaspoon of honey before bedtime and see how amazing it works for your sleep. Kiwifruit contains a high amount of antioxidant properties. It is a supplement that may help you to have a deeper rest at night. 

You can also take supplements such as Centrum Whole Food Sleep to help you naturally fall asleep. I personally love this supplement as I obviously see the difference when using it. It is from Centrum’s new line of supplements. They are Non-GMO and free of major allergens, artificial ingredients, and synthetic dyes. They are also Vegan*, paleo, and keto friendly.

Besides, there are many other foods  that also give advantages for your sleep such as nuts. Add them to your daily eating menu and enjoy the results. Drinking water the right way can help as well.

So, the above are 6 simple things that you can do to have a better sleep. In order to avoid consequences caused by sleeplessness, start with the above tips to make it easier for a good sleeping time. Since lack of sleep will push your aging process go faster than expected, improving your night-time quality is so important unless you want to look like an auntie in your twenties.

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