Working from home has been my pleasure since I get to stay home with my daughter at the same time. Working from home gives you more flexible time. It won’t cost you a fortune for commuting fees. However, it’s challenging to stay productive and have good work execution when you’re surrounded with a relax-inducing place called “home”. Here are some trust-worthy tips to show you how to stay focused and productive even when working from home. 

Create a work corner

No one wants to work on their beds or sofas. That’s why you need to create your own working place. It should be bright and wide enough for your best mood whenever you have to spend hours focusing on your business projects. A home office needs to be airy and open instead of crowded with useless furniture. 

Working environment has great impacts on your motivation and attentive ability. A wisely designed home office can definitely upgrade your mood of working. You may need to invest in a really comfy chair for your space to avoid back hurt due to hours of on-the-job concentration. I personally have 2 work corners which are my office space with my computer, and my kitchen island with my laptop as it’s a bright comfy area.

Make working a daily habit

Working from home means there is no check-in and check-out time. You may need to schedule your own working plan on a daily basis. Set your alarm at the same time everyday and ensure you strictly follow your working routine. Remember, planning is the fastest way to get the job done on time. Planning ahead allows you to prioritize all the tasks and stay organized and use your time logically. You may need to build both a short-term and a long-term plan for your work in the most effective way. Think about it and adjust your plan niftily. Plus, do not work harder, try to work smarter and plan wiser.

Have your morning coffee

Serving myself a cup of coffee is what I do every morning to energize my frame of mind before starting to turn on my laptop. Coffee does an amazing job in waking up my brain, boosting my inner energy  and helps me to remain clear-headed all day long. My favorite coffee is the Nespresso Dark Roast.

Regularly tidy up your home

Handling your job in the middle of a messy area is the worst idea. Keeping your house clean and tidy everyday can surely lift up your working mood. In other words, the surrounding environment heavily influences your performance, that’s why you might need your home office to be as clean and clear as possible. 

You can also add pleasant smell into your place by using oil diffuser or fragrance candles to improve the comfy and stressed-free feeling during your work-time. 

Play concentration music

Yes, music is outstandingly amazing! There are so many concentration rhythm playlists on Youtube which can be played as a motivation for home-based workers. 

Prepare your instant stress-relievers

Stress comes unexpectedly and undeniably when working is overloaded, preparing yourself to deal with stress is important unless you want to lose commitment in your working process. Some stress-relievers which are instantly effective can be including chocolate, tea, a piece of relaxing music or some good moments with your loved ones. People have their own different ways to relax and soothe their anxiety as their brains work individually differently. So, find your own stress-relief method, apply it effectively to your situation, and back to work again. 

Those above are my tips on how to stay productive working from home. I also shared “How I stay sane being a full-time stay at home mom”, be sure to read it. The benefits of home-based working comes along with the disadvantages as well. It’s your job to stay balanced and gain effectiveness for your work execution. No matter where your job takes place, all occupations require efforts. Self-motivation and well-organized ability are the two key factors for successful home-based workers.


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