As your living environment can heavily affect your mood, your mind, your habits and even your work performance, renewing your same old home with a completely different stylish interior is never a bad idea. But the point is how to make such a change without hurting your wallet? If you’re in need of modernizing your living accommodation, these 7 tips on how to renew your home may help.

Re-paint and decorate your front door

This first tips is going to be for home owners only since renters might not have the ability to re-paint doors or walls. A beautiful door-way gives a clear impression about a home. If your front door looks old and ill-favoured, it’s time to give it a change with a new refreshing color (white or wooden color is highly recommended). 

You can also decorate your entrance with some green wreaths and mini outdoor trees or some hanging plants. A refreshing greener look will absolutely blow new air to your home. 

Replace all the light bulbs and add more light if possible

Never underestimate the power of lighting, new lighting design will bring out a huge difference to your living habitat. Replacing your old light bulbs with new dimmable led ones not only help reduce your bills but also provide a whiter and cooler space. 

Adding more light with some led string lights may warm up your home in such a romantic way. Using smart color changing bulbs would also be a great tips to renew your home.

Use wall decals and canvas paintings

This third tip is also renter friendly, which is changing the walls by wallpaper or decals. Let the new walls with tastefully modern designs speak your own style! Choosing the right wall decals and paintings will add aesthetic pleasure to your living atmosphere. There are tons of wallpaper or decals that are removable and I highly recommend those.

Since wall decals are fairly cheap and easy to use or remove, they’re commonly used in homes and offices for highlighting purposes. More importantly, your house (or apartment) will encounter such a big change thanks to canvas paintings. Use them wisely to upgrade your interior design! A wall decor can make a difference as well. I shared a DIY Wall decor TUTORIAL which costs me only under $25. Check it out.

Grow some indoor plants

There are several kinds of houseplants which popularly appear as interior decorations. Houses with natural green indoor trees are at no doubts more lively and full of energy. 

Researches also show that adding more green to your living environment leads to better work execution and brighter frame of mind. This tip is my most favorite tip because it is the easiest way to renew your home in my opinion.

Rearrange the furniture 

Re-arranging all the furniture helps a lot in giving your house a new look. However, this task requires much time and effort. 

Furniture must be placed by the way that meets both practical and aesthetically pleasing purposes. Based on the size of your room, there are several rules of interior stuff placement which can be found easily on some household designing websites. 

Change the curtains’ color

The color of curtains should match the whole design of your house. Nice ‘mix and match’ window treatments can impressively help to pull a room together. 

Curtains with dark-colors suit well with bright walls. However, it depends on the room and window styles, selecting curtains color can be varied. 

Completely clean out house junk

Throw away all the unnecessary stuff with no mercy! If you have stuffs that take space in your house from years to years, it’s time to clear them out. You can also sell your old stuffs on second hand markets like Offer Up or Craigslist.

Identifying what should be removed and sorting out all the unwanted junk are 2 first steps of your junk cleaning process. Old newspapers, old CDs, empty shoe boxes, etc. are all useless and should be thrown away immediately to make room for a new airy space. 

All of the above recommendations are somehow practical and useful which may likely bring your home back to life again. Just follow these 7 tips to renew your home and enjoy that same place but completely new refurbished conditions. 


Busy metropolitan lifestyle makes you tired sometimes. All you want to do after a long working day is to take a deep breath and relax in your own private area. Let your home balcony do its job as a perfect place for chilling time. Re-designing your balcony into a beautiful and stylish area is not easy but nothing’s impossible. Keep on reading because I’m going to show you some creative tips which can practically help a lot in turning your balcony into a perfect relaxing place. 

Turn your balcony into a perfect relaxing place
Fill your balcony with nature

Hanging flower pots are surely perfect for a green vertical garden. If your balcony is small, hanging flower pots can do their best for decorating purposes. You should choose compact and minimalist designed pots for a more stylish terrace. 

Moreover, there are some other plants suitable with your balcony such as jasmine and bulbs. Even bedding plants and houseplants can also be grown in your outdoor area. I have a bird of paradise in my balcony and it turns my balcony into a relaxing place.

Remember, a balcony added with fresh green plants may actually trigger your relaxing feeling and energize your inner soul.

Set up a chilling corner

If you want to spend hours reading or chilling in your balcony, don’t forget to set up a perfect corner with a small table and outdoor couch. Some colorful cushions are also needed to highlight your style. 

Use balcony decking and add some lights

You may need to replace that basic boring concrete floor of your balcony with interlocking deck tiles. They are very easy to install and purchase. And if you are a renter, you should know they are easy to remove as well.

Lighting is important. You can’t imagine how amazing lighting is unless you actually install a perfect lighting system for your place. Candle lanterns and led lights are outstandingly ideal for a romantic balcony. However, it depends on your own taste and style to choose a suitable lighting design so think about it carefully and choose wisely to set up the area that can speak yourself.

Add a splash of color 

An eye-catching balcony is much nicer than a boring plain one. You can either grow colorful plants or use colorful decorations to bright up your outdoor area. Not everyone notices but your frame of mind is really affected by color. Energetic bright-colored room or place leads to a more positive soul. If you love to bring your laptop outdoor and have a sit in your balcony corner to work, that colorful decorations around may give a hand in improving your work execution

Use hammock swing chair

A hammock swing chair is absolutely the best choice if you want to set up a place to relax and privately observe the outdoor movement. That feeling of sitting in your cozy hammock chair enjoying your hot-chocolate while reading some books is just amazing. 

And you know what, rushing through life occasionally makes you exhausted, that’s why your mental health needs to be nurtured by every single small thing surrounding you. A warm, cozy and airy balcony can heal your mood and boost your brainpower after everyday of hard work. Refurbishing your outdoor terrace with all above tips may somehow help to upgrade your living condition and better your mental pleasure at the same time. Lastly, I have a blog post sharing my tips for How to save money on seasonal decor, make sure you click here and check it out. 

Living room update for Fall

It’s been a while since I did my living room, and since Fall is my most favorite season, I decided to switch my living room to Fall style with a little of farmhouse and vintage vibes. It’s finally coming together the way I want and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

I will link everything in my living room at the bottom of the post so you guys could check them out. They are more on the affordable side so no worries, it won’t break your bank. Alright, here is the living before I re-did it:

I sold my treadmill, moved the sofa to the other side

After getting rid of the treadmill, I switched all the items on the right side to the left and the sofa to the right wall side. I removed the colorful rug and replaced with a 10′ x 14′ rug in white with floral detail. Let’s take a look at the room now.

This is the right side of the room.

After selling my treadmill, I use that space for my daughter’s toys so it’s still a little messy. However it looks much spacious and come together now. The TV and the bookshelf is in the spot where I had my sofa before.

I took down the summer frames, replaced with DIY floating shelved and Fall decors. I also added 2 silk plants to add a pop of green, also 3 vintage wall arts above the sofa.

The egg chair stays at the same spot. The cream rocking chair goes to the other end of the sofa.

Last but not least, I got rid of the old living table set and got the new coffee table and side table from Ameriwood Home. The wooden finish in this light oak tone is truly stunning. They look perfect with everything. The best thing is that they provide spacious storage for tons of tiny little no name items.

I have been loving Ameriwood Home furniture since they are definitely my style and they are affordable. The items always arrived well packed. The instructions were easy, it took us less than an hour to assemble both of these tables.

The hardest part was choosing which collection to go with since Ameriwood Home has so many cute collections. These table are from the Marxen collection. They are available on Amazon, click here to check them out.

It is always fun to update the house once in a while. I will keep you guys update once the other side is done (I’m trying to make storage to hide all the toys haha). Anyway, here is the list of everything I could find the link for:

Now tell me which item(s) is your favorite in this room? Or what would you add to it?



5 Ways to Add More Zen to Your House

People have been advocating a zen lifestyle for centuries as a way to achieve inner peace. Designers have taken on the ideas of those who practice being zen as a way to decorate homes. The simple aesthetic of a minimalist home is enough to get some to redecorate, but your environment plays a big role in you mental health as well.

Rearranging your space and making small changes will result in a more peaceful and harmonious household. If you’re looking to create a more mindful atmosphere, here are five ways to make your home feel more zen.


Holding onto too many material things can start to become a burden over time. It’s easy to take a quick look at your things and feel that you really need them. Taking the time to really think about how often you use these and if you actually have a connection with them, you might end up realizing they’re actually just taking up space. Getting rid of unnecessary items around the house will help to make it feel more open and help the flow of your space.

Bring in houseplants

Being in the outdoors helps us feel more relaxed, and while most of us spend the majority of our days inside, houseplants let us bring in that feeling nature can give us. Not only do the colors and natural beauty help liven up a space, houseplants have positive effects on our health. Houseplants help to remove air toxins and can even help improve concentration and productivity.   


Certain colors elicit different emotions from us. Chances are, you’ll probably feel a different vibe in a bright red room than you would in a pale blue room. Light, natural toned colors relax us more so than bright and dark colors. Light colors also make a room appear more spacious than it really is, opening it up and giving you room to breathe. A small fix like changing your family room design to be a light grey makes everyone feel more relaxed.  

Let in natural light

Just like decorating with houseplants, allowing more natural light inside can make a space feel more peaceful. Natural sunlight brightens a room in ways that artificial light can’t. Artificial light creates eye strain, while sunlight can help make our eyes healthier. Not only will opening curtains and blinds to let the light help with the room’s aesthetic, sunlight is free and can save you money on electricity.

Keep decor simple

Less is more when it comes to making your house zen. Ornate decorations can make a room feel stuffy and overly formal. Especially in smaller spaces, bulky decor only takes up room. When you’re looking for decorations that can help make your house more relaxed and open, look for versatile pieces to make the most of what you have. Decorative storage boxes, baskets, and ottomans allow even accessories to have a practical use.