DIY Wall decor TUTORIAL – Easy wall decor idea

I posted this wall-hanging piece on my Instagram and got requested to share a tutorial. So I’m sharing it here. It costs me under $25 to make (since it was created from scratch, many of the items were found around the house). It was so easy to make. I’m sharing this DIY wall decor tutorial here so you can create one.

You will need:
  1. a 5-6 ft birch pole. I bought one but then returned since I luckily got a board packaging tube that came with the rug I bought from Burke’s Outlet. 
  2. A roll of cream colored ropes (whichever size you prefer) 
  3. Some small cable ties (we always have these at home)
  4. A pack of star shape woods (I gave them to my daughter along with some markers colors of my choice so she can help coloring them)
  5. A pack of round wood slice ornaments 
  6. Faux suede cords in Fall colors
  7. DIY pom poms from left-over yarns
  8. Hemp cord
So here is how I made it:

-I stained the packaging tube with a left-over walnut wood stain from my last project. Now it looks so much like a wood pole and I spent $0 on it. I found a birch pole here if you want to buy a real one. 

-Cut the rope into 11 pieces in different lengths from 4 ft to 5.5 ft.

-Secure the ropes into the “wood pole” with cable ties, remember to hide the knot behind the rope and cut the extra so they won’t appear when you hang it on the wall. 

-Secure the other ends of the ropes with clear elastic hair ties; or you can simply secure and tie bows at the same time with faux suede cords. 

-After this, you have a blank hanging piece. Hang it on the wall however you like. 

-Now is the fun part: hang the charms. Use a hemp cord to attach each charm onto the hanging rope. Get creative with the order and pattern you like. You can also add tons of different charms of your choice besides those I use. 

-Tada! There you have it. Your DIY personalized home decor item. Super easy. 

I hope you enjoy this DIY wall decor tutorial. If you do, please share or pin this post so others can see it. Also check out my other posts for more tips. Thank you.

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