Fall decor on a budget – How to save for seasonal decor

In partnership with Burke’s Outlet, I’m sharing my tips for Fall decor on a budget.

Fall decor items for living room

As Fall is approaching, it’s started to look and feel different now. The leaves outside started to change colors. Stores started to bring out seasonal items. The whole atmosphere of places around us urges me to change my home style. If you feel the same way but want to stay on a budget, keep reading this post for some tips on Fall decorating. 

Not everyone can afford luxury decor items. Even if the items are not pricey, buying new decorations every season can cost a lot. There are so many styles on how to decorate your home for Fall. No matter what style you pick, these tips below may help you to save some money while still allowing you to change your home seasonally.  

Make money from used items

First off, I would highly highly recommend you to look around the house and list all the items you will no longer need or use. They can easily be posted on second-hand markets. This way you can clear the spaces, make room for new items, and collect some extra money for your project. 

Sometimes I can complete the entire new project just by selling my old stuff. You will feel so proud of yourself for doing that I promise. 

Set a budget

Wherever you shop, whatever style you pick, make sure you set a budget and stick with it. Check prices online before heading to the store. That way you can expect what to get and won’t over spend.

With a budget of $250 on Fall decor, I was able to score a new area rug and some decorative items for the living room such as pillows, faux fur rugs, candles, a potpourri bag, floral arrangement. I also got some fall themed items for table styling as this is the season for gathering. 

Find deals at discount stores

Discount stores are retail stores that sell products at lower prices than traditional retail stores/outlets. Being a discount store doesn’t mean they don’t carry good quality products. You can often find brand name products at these stores. So if your goal is to do Fall decor on a budget, make sure you check the nearest discount stores or online stores like Burke’s Outlet.

Go for all season items

My personal tips is to look for items that you know will look good for more than 1 season. Find the item that can look good in many different home decor styles. That way you can save some money for not having to buy new items to match the season. These items can also be created by you if you have some time to DIY. I created a wall decor piece that I am sure will look good in my space all year long, no matter what holiday or season it is. I will share the tutorial at the bottom of this post. 

Back to the idea of buying all season items, here are some examples I can think of: clay pots or white ceramic posts for indoor plants, a neutral tone rug, leather pillow, all season throw blankets, clear glass jars, etc. These are the items that I am sure will match well with many home styles. If not, they may be transformed just by some little magic works. 

DIY – Do it yourself 

Like I mentioned above, creating decor pieces by yourself is another way to save. I absolutely love looking around the house and finding things that I can utilize to make a decor item. They can be a piece of wood, the left-over roll of yarn, the pine cones that my daughter picked from our trips, you name it. There are many fun ideas you can find on Pinterest. That is where I usually find inspiration. 

Stay on a budget while decorating for Fall by doing DIY

Now what do you think about my new living space, compared to the summer version of it? I took down the frames and hung a DIY piece on. Yes it’s handmade by me. It costs me under $25 to make (since it was created from scratch, many of the items were found around the house). It was so easy to make. I posted it on my Instagram and got requested to share a tutorial. On a separate post, I’m sharing this DIY Wall decor TUTORIAL, check it out if you are interested in creating one.

Again, this DIY wall hanging piece costs me just under $25 and it was very easy to do. DIY projects like this is also a great way to stay on a budget for Fall decor. It’s also an all-season-item since we can change the charms based on the season. For example, snowflakes, bows, and ornaments for Christmas. Since it’s Fall right now, I went for the Fall colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, wood, brown, copper, and dark green. 

It’s okay if you don’t feel like DIYing. Affordable wall decor can be found at Burke’s Outlet. Take a look around on their website and I am sure you will find some great deals. 



Fall decor on a budget

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