10 simple ways to Treat and Avoid Indigestion

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Everyone in my house each has totally different digestion health. One easily gets indigestion and the other has smooth digestion. That lucky person is me. I honestly don’t think it’s all about luck. It’s mostly about your daily lifestyle. So below I have some tips on how to avoid indigestion, also on how to treat the symptoms if it happens. These are all the simple tips that I believe everyone can do; they shouldn’t be out of your comfort zone, so no worries.

You might want to know how to treat yourself at home when having indigestion, so let’s get started with 5 simple things you could do.

Ginger Tea

A cup of ginger tea, or your own ginger water, can help soothe your stomach and get rid of indigestion. There’s ginger candy you can find in the market and it could help too. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has many benefits besides calming. One of those benefits is relieving indigestion by reducing stomach acid.

A Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath can help to ease the symptoms of an upset stomach. It also eases indigestion and relaxes tense muscles. Applying a heating bag or pad to your stomach can help too.

Taking Gasalia  

At the first sign of gas, you can take Boiron Gasalia, a homeopathic medicine. It works with your body to temporarily relieve bloating, pressure, discomfort, and pain associated with gas.* What I love about Boiron Gasalia is that it’s non-drowsy, so no worries about taking it during the day. 

Take Acidil at the first sign of indigestion

Boiron Acidil can temporarily relieves occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, bloating, or upset stomach.*

Both Boiron Gasalia and Acidil are made with natural active ingredients that work with your body. There are no drug interactions when taking Boiron Gasalia or Acidil. Gasalia is suggested for use for in adults and children 6 years of age and older. While Acidil can be used for adult and children 12 years of age and older.

And here are 5 ways to AVOID INDIGESTION:

Add rice to your meals. 

Because of my eating culture, I have rice mostly in every meal. You can also do brown rice or vegetables which have high fiber, depends on your diet plan. 

Think fruits for snacks. 

Having some berries or grapes next to me when I’m working on the computer is another tip that I strongly suggest. They do the job of snacks while adding lot of fiber. 

Drink plenty of water.

As a stay at home mom, I drink more water than my mom who is working full time. You can easily forget to drink water while focusing on work. So keep that in mind and bring a big cup of water. Any kind of milk would be great too.  

Eat slowly. 

This honestly is the tip that I skip very often, but when I do follow it, I notice a big different. It helps me feel full sooner than usual, which prevents bloating.

Focus on each bite of food, not your phone or the TV.

Practice eating with no distractions. This habit is actually more important than we realize. Staying away from phone or TV while eating helps me to control the habit of eating fast. 

That’s all 10 at home treats & tips I personal do to help myself (and other adults in our house) when having indigestion, and to avoid it. You can ask your doctor before taking any of my advices. 


See doctors when you have frequent, severe stomach problems, or if any of the symptoms below happen: fever, inability to pass gas, unintentional weight loss, vomiting, bloody stool, dizzy, or headache.

Also, ask your doctor about using Boiron Gasalia and Boiron Acidil if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.
Thank you Boiron for making quality homeopathic medicines, and for sponsoring this blog post. All the opinions are my own. All the tips are ones I personally use and I know they work.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

19 thoughts on “10 simple ways to Treat and Avoid Indigestion

  1. I’m a fan of homeopathic medicines so I found this really interesting. I don’t often get indigestion but if I do have an upset stomach I find green tea really soothes me. Also, as you say, a hot bath helps. I am interested in what you say about eating rice with meals to aid digestion. I already eat quite a lot of rice but I may try adding it to more meals.

  2. I’d say also avoid fried foods, especially from outside. The oils in it can really upset your stomach and give a lot of acidity.

  3. Sounds like I need some of that LOL. I have been eating a lot of onions lately and I found out that we don’t digest them well. Xo, Nikki Hall

  4. These are really good tips. I have been drinking a lot of water and it definitely helps!

  5. I have a slow metabolism and suffer from indigestion. I am thankful for your post. I will get a cup of ginger tea tonight.

  6. I’ll have to remember these tips! I always prefer using homeopathic medicine so it’s wonderful to know that these are available!

  7. I don’t get indigestion. Rice is a huge part of our diet though so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  8. Staying away from distractions during anything matters. Eating especially. I eat way too much if I’m snacking while watching a movie or TV. That can def. lead to indigestion.

  9. I rarely get indigestion and so these items won’t be needed but, you never know. I’ll share them with friends who do.

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