5 Ways to Add More Zen to Your House

People have been advocating a zen lifestyle for centuries as a way to achieve inner peace. Designers have taken on the ideas of those who practice being zen as a way to decorate homes. The simple aesthetic of a minimalist home is enough to get some to redecorate, but your environment plays a big role in you mental health as well.

Rearranging your space and making small changes will result in a more peaceful and harmonious household. If you’re looking to create a more mindful atmosphere, here are five ways to make your home feel more zen.


Holding onto too many material things can start to become a burden over time. It’s easy to take a quick look at your things and feel that you really need them. Taking the time to really think about how often you use these and if you actually have a connection with them, you might end up realizing they’re actually just taking up space. Getting rid of unnecessary items around the house will help to make it feel more open and help the flow of your space.

Bring in houseplants

Being in the outdoors helps us feel more relaxed, and while most of us spend the majority of our days inside, houseplants let us bring in that feeling nature can give us. Not only do the colors and natural beauty help liven up a space, houseplants have positive effects on our health. Houseplants help to remove air toxins and can even help improve concentration and productivity.   


Certain colors elicit different emotions from us. Chances are, you’ll probably feel a different vibe in a bright red room than you would in a pale blue room. Light, natural toned colors relax us more so than bright and dark colors. Light colors also make a room appear more spacious than it really is, opening it up and giving you room to breathe. A small fix like changing your family room design to be a light grey makes everyone feel more relaxed.  

Let in natural light

Just like decorating with houseplants, allowing more natural light inside can make a space feel more peaceful. Natural sunlight brightens a room in ways that artificial light can’t. Artificial light creates eye strain, while sunlight can help make our eyes healthier. Not only will opening curtains and blinds to let the light help with the room’s aesthetic, sunlight is free and can save you money on electricity.

Keep decor simple

Less is more when it comes to making your house zen. Ornate decorations can make a room feel stuffy and overly formal. Especially in smaller spaces, bulky decor only takes up room. When you’re looking for decorations that can help make your house more relaxed and open, look for versatile pieces to make the most of what you have. Decorative storage boxes, baskets, and ottomans allow even accessories to have a practical use.

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Add More Zen to Your House

  1. This is amazing! Having natural light and plants inside my house is definitely my favorite part. It just makes me feel calm and peaceful

  2. We now live in a tiny space (310 sq ft). It is the clean uncluttered look that I miss the most about our 4 bedroom, two-story home.

  3. Declutter is the most important thing for me! I don’t like a LOT of stuff – I want it all GONE. My husband loves stuff though, sooooo finding that ZEN balance is a bit difficult! ha!

  4. This is basically how I decorate my entire house. I don’t like clutter, we have a lot of natural light, and I have a few plants inside. I can’t have too many because my cat likes to eat them which makes her sick.

  5. I just love all of your great points. I think that having less is just a great way to declutter and keep everything simple.

  6. These are great tips! I am in the process of decluttering my house and I already feel better. We are also repainting soon.

  7. I am such a fan of decluttering! I’ve also recently started bringing more plants into my home and it’s such a wonderful addition. Great tips!

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