It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas now and the weather is changing so fast. Snow is going to visit some parts of the States and it gotta be freezing outside. Well, isn’t this kind of weather good for your warm-up plans which can make your lovelife revolutionary and more interesting during this cold season? I’ve come up with this 7-day Challenge and successfully applied this to my current relationship with my husband which resulted in such a huge positive change between us

  1. Day 1: Cook for each other and throw a private party at home

Yes, on this first day of the challenge, I would love to have an at-home private party which involves both of us in the cooking process. I have to prepare his favorite meal and he cooks my favorite as well. As we don’t have too much time for this private dinner, we just cook simple meals and sit down enjoying the food with some good wine and a short conversation about how our day has been. 

  1. Day 2: Prepare 10 questions that you want to ask each other

I love this part lol. Why is asking questions important? As we are now parents and busy most of the time taking care of our baby, we have no time to care about our partners which seriously leads to misunderstanding and nonsense arguments. That’s why this step is included in the challenge. You must list out 10 questions that you wanna ask and your partner must answer with honesty.

  1. Day 3: Change your hair cut

It’s almost Christmas and the new year is coming, we all need to do something to refresh ourselves and having a new hair cut is a good choice. You’re gonna amaze your partner with a totally different appearance with such a change in your hair. How interesting!

  1. Day 4: Camping night in your back-yard

Camping is romantic and camping in your back-yard is awesome as it costs you nothing at all. Prepare some yummy snacks and drink for this night, put up a tent then watch Netflix and spend all night together

  1. Day 5: Doing house chores together

Each of you make a task-list with all the tasks you expect your partner to handle and then just make the job done. At the end of the day, your job is to check and qualify if your partner completes all the tasks or not.

  1. Day 6: Prepare special gifts for each other

This is my most beloved part of the challenge. I love presents and I love surprises! Both of you should prepare a secret gift that you think your partner may need or love to recieve. The purpose of this challenge is to make your partner as happy as possible when he/she receives your present so think carefully and choose wisely before deciding what to give. 

  1. Day 7: Spend the evening to look back all the photos you’ve taken together

Photos capture all the good memories and it’s always good to look back at everything you’ve been through during the time being together. Relationships have ups and downs, there are goodness and flaws and all of those beautiful moments are so valuable and precious. By spending all the evening observing old pictures to remember how you guys had fallen in love before, you’re surely gonna love and respect each other more and more. 

Yes, I’ve applied this challenge to my own relationship and it makes a huge and meaningful change in our love and our lives. Hopefully that this challenge can positively refresh and warm-up your love-life, too. 

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