My must-haves when road trip with kids

A good preparation leads to a fulfilled trip. That’s why it’s important to carefully pack your belongings before every traveling occasion, especially when you have your babies accompanied. Road trips with kids means there is much more stuff to bring than ever before. If you have no idea what to pack for the journey, this post may possibly help. Here are a round up of my must-haves when road trip with kids (speaking from my 4+ years traveling with my daughter ever since she was 10 months old).

must-haves when road trip with kids
Kids’ busy bag

Yes, this is so important. It’s common knowledge that we’re gonna spend hours driving during every road trip and children hate waiting. They get bored easily and boredom results in misbehaviors. Unless you want your babies to be out of control, you must prepare a busy bag which contains toys, games, or anything that keeps them busy. A busy bag may include coloring books, shape-matching games, small toys, etc. I also bring her iPad with learning games and downloaded kids shows for her to entertain on long drives when she’s bored of all the toys.

Fresh water

It’s a long way driving and you surely don’t want to be dried out along the way. Keeping yourself and your babies hydrated is by far necessary. Water plays a crucial role in uplifting people’s mood and energy. Therefore, drinking enough water wakes up your sense of enjoying and having fun.

Bring more than 2 outfits per day for your toddlers

It’s my own rule to bring at least 3 outfits per day for my daughter. She’s gonna need to change clothes frequently due to playing and experiencing things outdoors. Toddlers love playing and playing messes up their outfit so easily. It’s normal to see your children covered with dirt just 5 mins after you dress them up. Dirty clothes means they have fun. Just make sure you prepare your kid(s) some spare clothes!

Lots of wipes

Wipes are my number 1 must have when going out with little one. I bring lots of wipes every time I have road trips with my daughter. They are a quick and convenient way to clean dirty hands, faces and messy tables on-the-go when you don’t have access to clean water.


Snack is key when it comes to long drives with kids! Speaking from my experience with my daughter, snacks keep her happy. Make sure you bring enough snacks for your babies/kids during the trip just in case they’re hungry or simply bored. Don’t forget about yourself, the adults also love to have snacks to keep them stay energized while driving.

Your kids’ most favorite item(s)

My daughter loves her stuffed animal friends. Of course I have to bring one of those beloved friends with her everywhere we go. She really enjoys talking or playing pretend with her friend in the car. If your toddlers outstandingly like any toys or teddies, make sure those items are packed with you along the trip. I am sure they work best at soothing your babies feeling and mood.

Baby instant medical box

Okay, this is the most important thing. You may not use it every trip. However, it is that one thing you want to have on hand when unexpected things happed. I don’t ever forget when it comes to vacation packing. This box must include a baby first-aid kit, a thermometer, antipyretics for baby, bud-spray, sunblock, pain-relievers, alcohol wipes, etc. You can find lots of compact options on Amazon such as this one. Be prepared for unexpected situations because who knows what’s gonna happen!

These above things are my indispensable items, my must-haves in every road trip with kids. On a separate blog post, I am sharing my top 5 family friendly activities for Fall in Arizona that might be helpful. Life is full of journeys and explorations, have a good packing and head forwards, wonderful experiences are waiting for you! Hopefully that my sharing can help you anyways <3 

top 7 must haves when road trip with kids

A must-have for the cold holiday season

This blog post is sponsored by HALLS but all opinions are my own.

It’s getting cold in Arizona

The holiday season is always my busiest time of the year (plus my daughter’s birthday and Traditional Vietnamese New Year). Even though it’s busy and can be a little overwhelming, it’s a joyful season after all, especially with the family holiday trips.

The cold weather gets me every time though. Getting a sore throat or coughing would make the season a little less joy-filled. I’m sure I’m not the only one who easily gets a cough or sore throat during cold months, so here I’m sharing my must-have get well traditions.

HALLS Cough Drops have been staple in our cabinets. They help relieve temporarily relieve irritating coughs and sore throats.

There are a variety of flavors to choose from including Cherry, Honey Lemon, and Metho-Lyptus. My husband likes the Metho-Lyptus flavor while the Cherry flavor is my most favorite.

A cough or sore throat can strike without warning, especially while running around (or traveling) this season. So I have a pack of HALLS Cough Drops in my bag as well.

Side story, I actually got a sore throat last month when the weather started to change. I had a horrible night’s sleep as I started to feel a sore throat coming on. The first thing I did after getting out of the bed was to take a HALLS cough drop. I could feel the temporary relief.

Be prepared for whatever life throws your way, especially during travel. No matter if you are traveling for business or leisure, you don’t want a cough and sore throat to interrupt your day. I highly recommend packing a bag of HALLS Cough Drops with you. They will provide relief and cooling if those symptoms happen.

HALLS brand has always been the brand I trust when it comes to cough/sore throat relief. Having HALLS on hand is very necessary. Let’s stock up your medicine cabinet with HALLS.

Besides, here are my favorite things to do to get well when I have a cold:

-Sipping a cup of hot tea

-Snuggling under a cozy blanket and watch movies

-Take a warm bath

-Shopping online for no reason (spending a little money magically helps haha)

-If you don’t feel too bad, get up, and get some cleaning chores done. The feeling when you overcome the tiredness and finally tackle your to-do list is the best!

Do you have a get well tradition(s) too? Share with me in the comment below.