Natural Tips to Improve Digestion You Need to Know

This blog post is sponsored by Boiron® and PTPA

This season is all about outdoor fun and BBQs with the family. It’s always fun. However, you can easily get indigestion after having a BBQ. So here are some tips to improve digestive health that I personally tried and found work very well. 

Before I jump into the tips, I would love for you to read my previous blog post sharing 10 ways to avoid and treat indigestion. Also, I want to let you know I am all about better ingredients when it comes to things my family and I consume. I hope these tips will be helpful for you all. Let’s move right into the first tips: 

  • Pay attention to side dishes. Adding lettuce and/or kimchi on the side will not only add a great taste to the BBQ, they also contain high fiber and, kimchi contains probiotics that help with digestion. 
  • Try to snack on fruits instead. They contain high fiber which is very important to improving your digestion health. The best fruits for avoiding indigestion would be apple, papaya, and banana. 
  • Drink LOTS of water, it’s not only good for your skin, it’s also good for digestion. Drinking a cup of water before meals is even better.
  • Adding chia seeds to your smoothie or yogurt. With a large amount of fiber, chia seeds have many health benefits. One of those benefits is improving gut health. 
  • When you have indigestion symptoms like nausea, heartburn, or stomach discomfort, try warm Ginger Tea. It helps improve digestion and prevent nausea. This is actually a tip from my mom from when I was a kid, it has always worked so well for me.
  • Taking homeopathic medicines like Boiron® Acidil® and Gasalia®  at the first signs of indigestion or first signs of gas. Boiron® is a brand I trust for homeopathic medicines. 

Unlike other medications, there are no restrictions on when to take Acidil or Gasalia. You can take them before or after a meal, on a full or empty stomach. They are unflavored, quick-dissolving; and they melt under the tongue for a convenient and discreet way to relieve indigestion anywhere, anytime.

  • Acidil targets the three main components of acid indigestion: heartburn, stomach pain, and bloating. * You can use Acidil for adults and children 12+ years.
  • Gasalia temporarily relieves bloating, pressure, discomfort and pain associated with gas. * It can be used for adults and children 6+ years. 

Having Boiron ® Acidil® and Gasalia®  ready at home gives me much more peace of mind, knowing I have a better way to treat ourselves in case we have indigestion symptoms. 

I hope all the tips above will be helpful for you all. Enjoy the rest of this fun summer with family times and BBQ. Plus, stay healthy!!

Thank you Boiron® and PTPA for sponsoring this blog post. All the tips and opinions are based own my own experience.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

12 thoughts on “Natural Tips to Improve Digestion You Need to Know

  1. warm ginger tea is the best remedy ever! It always helps me calm my upset stomach and gives me a boost of energy in the morning with a few drops of lemon!

  2. Such great tips! There is no doubt that drinking water it’s one of the most natural tips to improve digestion. At the begging can be a little hard but then you’ll miss if you don’t drink enough water!

  3. I love kimchi and matcha tea as they help me with digestion. My first response is to drink water and eat in moderation.

  4. Apples and bananas are the two fruits that we buy almost every trip to the grocery store. And I love adding chia seeds to smoothies, and also like to put it in oatmeal, too.

  5. Great tips for healthy barbecues and cookouts. I especially love the snacking on fruit and adding in fermented foods tips!

  6. I have been trying to drink lots more water, it really does seem to help! I will try these products too, I can always use help with the bad digestion issues I have.

  7. How lucky I love apples, bananas and chia seeds. I still need to work on drinking a sufficient amount of water 🙂

  8. Definitely needed this guide. These past summer months, went to a lot of bbqs (my favorite ones are the korean bbq restos!) and always end up having indigestion… I usually just drink lemon tea afterwards but Ill take into consideration your suggestion of snacking on fruits prior 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing these idea, I’ll put them in consideration. I normally use warm water or warm milk when I feel uncomfortable. Belching also makes me feel better

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