Getting Nutrients into Kids Diet and Tips for picky eaters

This blog post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms but all opinions are my own.

I have a picky eater in my family. I know many other parents out there do too. If you don’t, you’ve got lucky, because it’s stressful for parents. I feel like it was our fault that made my daughter a picky eater. So we are trying our best to fix this and we already learned some tips I could share with other new parents.

Before we get to the tips, I want to spread the love for Shamrock Farms. Their chocolate milk has been our favorite (yes I love it for myself too). We like the taste and the freshness of their it. 

Shamrock Farms milk is locally sourced from its own family farm. So their milk are getting from the farm to your family in as little as two days. Their chocolate milk, with the flavor kids love, is packed with the same nine essential nutrients as white milk including protein, vitamin D, calcium and potassium, which are key nutrients kids need to grow their strong, healthy bodies.

Anyway, since my daughter has been a picky eater and we have been trying many ways to fix it. Here we have some tips that have been working for us:

-Be a role model to your kid(s). As I mentioned above, I totally think my daughter’s eating habit has been created by us parents. We did not eat as healthy as we want my daughter to eat. We did not eat as much veggies as we should do. So lately, we have been adding more veggie to our own meals and let me tell you, IT WORKS!!! She started asking to eat the same thing we eat, more and more.

-Give your kid(s) different veggie choices. Instead of saying “please eat your carrot”, let’s ask them “which would you like? Carrot or broccoli?”. The trick is that you have to appeal that you strongly believe that those 2 choices are the only things you have, and are very NORMAL choices. Keep your excitement down a bit, kids can tell you’re trying to make them happy with the choices you offer. Unfortunately they tend to go the opposite way that they think we want them to go. Yeah it’s a mind game between parents and kids. You’ve got to win this!

-Find and offer your kid(s) different options with the flavor they like. For example, Shamrock Farms chocolate milk. It provides the same high-quality protein and key essential nutrients found in milk. Or you can easily search for kids friendly snacks on the market.

-Don’t stress, it takes time, especially for trying new foods. But keep offering them, don’t quit. Your kid(s) will eventually accept healthy options you offer.

Once again, shout out to Shamrock Farms for being a great choice to add nutrients into kids diet. Their chocolate milk is a nutrient-rich food, with 8 grams of protein per serving and a key source of 9 essential nutrients. If your little ones like chocolate flavor, definitely offer them Shamrock Farms chocolate milk to try.

If you have any other tips or must-try products for picky eating kids, let me know in a comment down below.