4 Websites I use to earn Free Products before starting to blog.

Below I will share all the sites I know and tips for getting free products even if you don’t have a big followers on social medias.

Before I start, I have to mention that this is how I become an influencer. Yes that’s true. Everyone and everything starts by a small step. I have a big passion for free products (who doesn’t love getting things for free?) as I was always curious how the Youtube beauty bloggers got those PR packages. So I went online and googled things like “how to get free stuffs”.

After doing lots of researches, trying lots of sites and tips. I can say everyone can receive free products, not only bloggers/influencers. Yes EVERYONE. I’m so happy to finally share my experience for those who don’t know where to start, or those who are not interested in becoming influencers but love trying things for free. And by saying “free”, it means you DON’T have to pay even a penny.

Okay let’s jump right in.

1. Influenster

Kết quả hình ảnh cho influenster

If you have never heard about Influenster or don’t know if you should sign up. YES YES YES. Go sign up now. Trust me, you will thank me later. It is the place that you could score free products from well known brands (or even high end brands) in many categories like beauty products, foods, home products, pets products, etc.

So basically, this is how Influenster works after you sign up:
-Complete you profile and get some badges.
-Once in a while you will receive a pre-survey saying you’re in a short list of Influenster’s next VoxBox campaign. Fill it out ASAP.
-If you got chosen, they will announce soon after that. A VoxBox full fill with full-size & sample size products (depends on the campaign) will be sent to you, for FREE, with specific badges for you to finish.
-Finish as many badges as possible for higher chance to earn more VoxBox.
Just so easy, and it’s free to join. So why not? Sign up for Influenster here.

2. PINCHme

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PINCHme

This is the site that sends out sample size products more, sometime full-size but not often. The way PINCHme works is that you sign up for free, complete your account and wait for the new samples date, then you go pick the samples you want them to send. After receiving the products, try them and then do their surveys, which are very easy and quick.
It’s just that simple and again, FREE. Sign up here.

3. Crowdtap

It was the site that I LOVED the most. I still love it but as I grow I get much more busier to spend time on Crowdtap. That’s the only reason I stopped. So, with a free-to-join account, you can go do surveys, polls, and other tasks, to earn gift cards (yup really!!! like Amazon GCs), and to get free samples.

I truly love how easy the tasks I had were and I wish I could have more time for Crowdtap. But as a beginner, or as I said even if you don’t have a followers, you can still earn some money to spend on Amazon, plus some samples. Go sign up for Crowdtap here.

Btw, the samples I got from them were from very well known brands like Almay, Neutrogena, Marc Jacobs, Mrs Meyer’s.

4. SampleSource

Kết quả hình ảnh cho samplesource

I did got some but not much from this site months ago. Hopefully they have more and better samples now tho. So basically you sign up and just wait, they will send alert about new samples via email whenever they have new offers. It will be a little long while just so you can expect it that way.

I got some really cool and practical products but not from brands I know. But it’s still good to sign up for a SampleSource account, since it’s FREE.

Other ways to get free stuffs:

Yes besides those sites above, I was also finding a blogger specific in hunting free products and money saving, those I fell like I would trust, to follow. They always come up with new tips.

Entering giveaways on Instagram is also a great way to have a chance to win big prize.

If you have a little or lots of experience on getting free products, leave a comment below to add.

A day is much better when receiving freebies in the mail.