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For new moms who want to start blogging and potentially become an influencer, in this post I’m going to share the steps that I took to become an influencer along with some tips about getting that “instagram worthy” photo. Good photos and being able to portray YOU is one of the most important things about being an influencer.

Before I became an influencer, I was always scrolling my phone looking at  influencers and bloggers on instagram. These ladies were so inspiring to me. One day it clicked. I can do that too! I was always curious of how well they portrayed their life into fancy looking photos. Do they really have dreamy houses where every single corner of their house is “instagram worthy?” Do they secretly have messy spaces and just photograph around it? Or throw everything aside and just photograph what’s pretty?

I was so hesitant at first, but I wanted to be a lifestyle blogger too and I’m still learning as I transition into being a blogger. (The modern day internet triple threat. HAHA.) Why was I hesitant? Because at that time, I couldn’t find anywhere in my house that would be a good background. All my photos were taken with an old model iphone under bad lighting and distracting backgrounds. So how did I make it to this point? Did I spend a lot to fix it? Let’s find out!

  1. Clean it for the gram ! 

I mean it!. Get up and clean all over your house. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Make as many blank space as possible. Take advantage of windows for lighting. Paint the wall brighter if you can and want to. Brighter empty space makes look more appealing to the eye.


  1. Buy something nice !

A nice neutral sofa for example, and something to store all your kid’s little toys. This absolutely up to you and your budget. I personally like to use cube organizers and cube bins with white and light grey (the last pic on the screenshot above). It is a good background for daily life photos while keeping the room neat. Plus, it doesn’t cost much.

I bought many things but not all at once so there are something I can’t remember, but the Mainstays 8 cube organizer is $35 at Walmart (i know right?) and the 6 pack cube organizer bin is $17 on Amazon. Some other things I got from collaborations with brands. So I couldn’t sum up to an exact amount, but whatever you want to buy, do search on Amazon or Walmart. They have the best value items.

  1. Enjoy the better photos

At this point when your house looks nicer,  it’s way more than enough for you to have a good starting point. It doesn’t have to be that cute, super expensive and updated vintage farmhouse. You can make what YOU have work, even without spending money.

Is it worth doing that much work to start?

I say YES ! Even if you’re not getting seriously into the influencer thing, it’s worth having a fresh, clean, and nice looking house. And who doesn’t want to have pretty photos to look back on?

If you are starting to be a mom blogger/instagrammer/influencer, BE CONFIDENT . Don’t think your followers will dislike your photos just because your house is not as beautiful as you want it to be. You’re biggest critic is yourself. The content that you create is going to be the most important. There are opportunities to collab with brands for products.

I’m pretty sure there are many influencers (including myself) who wipe down areas and clear all the clutter to have a nice clean looking space for photos. lol.

We’re all doing it for the gram !

Just a normal photo
Look at the background, super distracting. See the below image to see how I changed the corner.
I replaced the old desk by a more fancy desk and chair from ikea. Both of them are white.

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