Finally !! I have a BLOG !!!

Hey guys, this is Vannie. Thank you for stopping by my “house”. This is my first blog post ever. I guess I need to introduce myself more, but to make this post short, you can go to “About Me” on top of my page or click HERE.

I’m an Arizona based Instagram influencer I should have created a blog a long time ago, but I didn’t have enough confidence in myself (and I still don’t). I’m afraid I’ll make tons of grammatical errors since English is not my first language. However, I think that by being an influencer on instagram, it’ll help me practice my English. So here I am writing my own blog.


I’m just a mom like many of you. I try my best to make it look good on the gram, but trust me I’m that lazy messy mom. I post about lifestyle and parenthood topics. Hopefully, this blog will be a warm and informative place for us as you join me on our journey of motherhood together.

Okay, let’s get started by commenting below with any question or suggestion you have.

This blog house is always open for new friends <3

29 thoughts on “Finally !! I have a BLOG !!!

  1. Aw yay Vannie! I am so excited for you friend!!!! Love learning from each other. I know you will be an amazing blogger! You already are shinning!!!!

  2. I am really excited to read your posts. I discovered your blog after you left a comment on mine.
    I do not have the time at the moment to check them all but i looked at what you are offering on your blog and it all looks great. I cant wait to discover more.

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