House Plants for the Perfect Fall Interior

As we roll into fall, the leaves outside begin to redden. The days start to become cooler. The nights a little darker. It’s no surprise that many of us want to spruce up our home decor, to allow our homes to evolve with the changing seasons. 

An easy, green way to accomplish this, is to change up the house plants in your home – or to add some if you’re yet to bring the outdoors in. 

According to house plant experts, it’s a good idea to choose the placement of your indoor plants. You can choose indoor plants base on their light requirements, your own taste, and where you think the plants look best. 

A final tip from the experts to ensure that it’s easy to keep each plant alive, is to group your plants. We can group them based on their watering and nutrition needs to reduce the chance of a lethal mix-up.

There are a whole host of vibrant, autumnal plants which freshen up your home (in both air quality and in style). There are lots of houseplants that would be perfect for bringing the spirit of fall indoors. In this post I’m going to list only four of them:


A quintessential fall flower, the amaryllis plant produces white flowers with red veins. They can also be found in pink and purple varieties. Amaryllis bulbs can be potted in mid-October or later. They reach full bloom in November or December, as the Amaryllis plant favors cooler temperatures.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

No plant quite reflects the spirit of fall like the Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. It’s a rosette-shaped succulent. Its dark green leaves are embellished with deep-red edges, echoing the changing of the seasons, as the leaves on the trees outside turn from green to auburn.

These succulents look good all-year-round. However with enough light, they will flower in mid-winter. You can water it only once every two or three weeks.


One of the most popular indoor plants is the cactus. It is in this list for good a reason. They’re extremely low maintenance and come in all sorts of shades, shapes and sizes, so they can be matched to any style of decor. 

One type of cactus – the Christmas cactus – is a fit especially for the fall season. They most often bloom during this period, producing beautiful pink-red flowers, embodying the hues of the fall season.

Oxalis triangularis.

Though this perennial is an excellent addition to your home in any season. Its deep purple leaves – which close each night, and open up again in the morning – add a haunting dimension to any room. It’s perfect for the eerie month of October. 

This plant particularly favors the fall months as it prefers cooler temperatures of around 59°F or less, though it loves direct sunlight. Moreover, it needs watering no more than lightly once per week, though once every two weeks will also suffice.

If you’re considering buying some house plants for your home this fall, be sure to double-check their growth requirements. All that’s left to do, then, is enjoy them, as they brighten up your fall and winter.