Not everyone may notice that your frame of mind is silently affected by the scent you are surrounded with, especially when you’re at home. As odors do influence people’s energy, work execution and feeling, fulfilling your home with fancy smells is absolutely necessary. Believe me, if you want to revise your soul and uplift your mood to a better motivated energy, go make your house smell fresh and lively again! 

To go straight in, here are 10 simple ways you can follow immediately to improve the scent of your home:

  • 1. Leave lavender under your pillow

If you’re a fan of pampered feelings whenever you get to bed, drop a tiny amount of lavender oil onto your pillow to make your daily bedtime become more relaxed and spa-like. Moreover, the smell of lavender does amazing favor to a better sleep and a good sleep leads to brighter sunrise.

For better results, you can also add lavender oil to your laundry routine to maintain decent smell everywhere in your cozy home.

  • 2. Scented candles

Using fragrant candles is such a traditional but effective way to upgrade the smell of your interior. And more importantly, those candles give you a wide range of choices, you can either choose a floral scented one or a fruity fresh flavor. 

As modern scented candles nowadays are nicely designed with pretty outlook and different sizes, these objects can also be used for decorating purposes which mostly suit any home. Plus, the light from candles creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere to your indoor space. This kind of romantic effect makes your home more like … a home. 

  • 3. Candle warmer

Original burning candle is great but it’s not supposed to be pleasant for everyone, especially for those who find it difficult to remember to blow out the candle before leaving or before falling asleep. As candle warmer is flameless, it totally causes no harm to your children or pet. 

For candle warmer scores better in making good scent more long-lasting, it probably maximizes aromatic longevity for your living accommodation.

  • 4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are far known as indicators of many positive effects to trigger calmness inside human-being. The smell of some certain oils impressively helps to relieve stress and improve the power of concentration which highly result in better work-performance as well as self-calmness.

Using essential oil diffuser can definitely turn your indoor area into a spa with full of complimenting scent and high quality relaxation feeling. Plus, you can easily purchase this equipment on Amazon or many places elsewhere on the internet or even in supermarkets.

  • 5. Indoor scented plants

Comforting your indoor smelling with some fragrant plants is never a bad idea. Here are several kinds of plants which can grow healthily indoors and emit a nice smell to your area: orchids, tea rose begonia, citrus, jasmine, lavender, etc. However, beside producing soothing and calming scents, these houseplants need serious proper care and constant watering every day. 

A home filled with all-natural smell can positively transform your emotional state and productivity.

  • 6. Air purifier 

Equip a suitable air cleansing appliance at home can efficiently alternate unpleasant odors with better refreshing air. Some reliable researches even show that this type of device can help with allergies by removing undesirable airborne components. 

Air purifier will surely filter out all the impurities and improve air quality of your living space, eventually give your home a crystal clean environment which is fulfilled with clear complimenting smell.

  • 7. Homemade room freshening spray

Blowing a new wind into your living habitation by using homemade room spray is by far a brilliant choice. It is absolutely easy to search for a step-by-step instruction showing you how to make a unique essential oil spray; and here is one of my favorite formulas:


2 oz (1/4 cup) filtered water

20 drops lavender essential oil

15 drops eucalyptus essential oil


Combine all ingredients in a dark spray bottle and shake well before each use.

You can definitely alter different types of essential oils to make your own recipe based on your unique personal taste. Let’s make your home smell exactly the way you love!

  • 8. Clean your garbage disposal

That stinky odors of your cooking area may come from garbage disposal where smelly junk food is hiding for weeks. One of the simple ways to sanitize garbage disposal is pouring a mixture of hot water and dish soap down through the drain, do it twice every week to keep your kitchen away from unpleasant smell. 

  • 9. Deodorize your carpet

Baking soda does a great job in deodorizing subtle smell from your carpet. There are plenty of freshening liquid recipes made with baking soda and essential oils (or dried herbs) on the internet, go search for it and make your carpet diligently smell good again.

Or you can just simply use your homemade room spray to apply on your carpet and the result won’t make you regret.

  •  10. Open all the windows

Let’s enjoy the new refreshing airflow by opening up all windows to force out the old stuffy air, and new good air will be invited in. This new air circulation does a great job in blowing out stinky smell and charging new energy to your home with a pure nice scent.

And that’s it!

A living environment with good decent smell positively enhances your standard of living and does wonders for your daily emotion. For long-term good smell, you should regularly follow 10 solutions listed above and enjoy great time at home with your beloved!