Reduce back pain and headache in 15 minutes

…without using any medication.

Are you a mama? If so, you probably experience back pain, headache, and distress. You could have those problems even if you are not a mom yet.

Being a mom that is running everything as a single mom, I need to take the best care of myself in order to run the whole house with a toddler by my side. I’m a short mom while my clingy daughter is big, so there is no surprise I got so much back tension. I sometime feel worst at my lower back especially around those days of the month.

Pranamat ECO mat
Adding Pranamat ECO mat + pillow in my daily routine

So glad I found Pranamat ECO set (mat + pillow) and it has been such a game changer. I have been using them for a week (15 minutes each day) and I already feel the difference. The most obvious feeling after each use is that I feel like having more energy, back tension relief especially the position where you usually get hurt after sitting too long in front of computer. Magically, when you feel more energized, you feel less stressed.

Pranamat ECO
I love to throw myself on and relax
Pranamat ECO
Red skin on the back after 15 minutes, it’s time for the bottom

The little pillow is perfect for wherever you want like head, bottom, legs, feet, ect. When use as a pillow for head, it helps with headache as well as muscle tension in the neck. And it helps improving quality of sleep which I really need.

Pranamat ECO
I also use them while doing makeup if I’m in a little rush
Pranamat ECO pillow
Your feet need some massage too

I was gifted this set of Pranamat ECO mat and pillow in exchange for my honest review. Head over to Pranamat ECO to learn more about how to use them and benefits.